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About Us

Welcome to the official website (member portal) of Scottish Paranormal, one of the oldest and most esteemed paranormal investigation teams in Scotland. We are the public membership group of Haunted Scotland Investigates Ltd. For over two decades, our team has delved into the mysterious and spooky realms that reside within the proud historical nation of Scotland.

Scottish Paranormal (SP) is a trading division of Haunted Scotland Investigates Ltd (HSI). SP operates as a distinct entity within HSI, focusing on paranormal investigation services, research, and related activities. HSI provides the overarching framework, administrative support, and resources necessary for SP’s operations and is governed by a Board of Directors and Non-Executive Directors. 

Haunted Scotland Investigates Ltd (Registered SC683450).

48 Main Street, West Wemyss, Kirkcaldy, Scotland, FK1 4SW.

Our Team


Gregor Stewart

Haunting Specialist

Executive Director, Board Member


Ryan O'Neill

Paranormal Exploration

Executive Director, Board Member


Lee Dunn

Spiritual Teacher, Medium and Paranormal Researcher, Non-Executive Director, Chair of the Board


Lisa Sproat

Community, Content and Accounts   Media Relations Manager

Non-Executive Director, Board Member


John White


Technical and Audio Visual

Paranormal Investigator


Tracey White

Paranormal Investigator


Louise Walker

Spiritual Medium and Paranormal Researcher

1 KYLE.png

Kyle Stewart

Paranormal Investigator

Honorary Members

We work in a spirit of harmony with like-minded friends, colleagues and professionals alike.

1 RICK.png

Rick McCallum

Honorary Team Member

Hollywood Ghost Hunters

1 gAIL.png

Gail Porter

Honorary Team Member

Television Presenter and Speaker

1 laird.png

The Laird of Balgonie Castle


Emeritus Honorary Team Member

Balgonie Castle


“On a PR and Marketing level, they are always on hand to provide advice and knowledge to

myself and are great supporters of Mary King’s Close.”

Lisa Helsby

Marketing Executive

The Real Mary King's Close

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