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Member App

Our member app provides seamless interaction with our portal directly from your mobile device. The app is available on iOS and Android.

Premium Membership

Manage your account

Search and book events

Pay your subscription

View and redeem loyalty points 

Search and view the research archive

View premium content 

Access support and FAQs

Engage with learning content 

Engage with the global community

Set alerts and important team announcements

How to use our member app!

1) Download the app to your mobile device. The app is called Wix Spaces.

2) Once you have downloaded the app, sign in using your username and password.

3) You will see the Scottish Paranormal account on the home screen.

4) Select the account and you'll see our app on your device. 

5) If you have a Premium Membership, you will be able to access additional benefits.

6) You can add a shortcut to your home screen by selecting the three dots (top right).

7) You can access your member account area from the app.

Please note that you may receive additional notifications to your device. This can be managed within the app and device settings. Your profile will be closed by default, but you can make it public if you wish to connect to other members. If you join the global community, your profile will display your username and email address as well as any other public profile information, including your photo. Do not share your address or bank details with anyone. Terms and conditions apply.

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