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Lisa Sproat

Meet Lisa Sproat, Engagement and Accounts

Lisa is the Scottish Paranormal, Haunted Scotland & Subscribers Group online support, promotion & Information administrator.

  • Online Administrator

  • Accounts Support To Greg Stewart (ltd company accounts & responsibilities)

  • Day To Day Running Of Online Project

  • Social Media Manager

  • Facebook

Lisa's Story

With over a decade immersed in the world of the paranormal, Lisa brings a wealth of experience and deep-rooted passion to the Haunted Scotland Investigates team. Her journey into the realm of the supernatural began 13 years ago, as she pondered over intriguing experiences from her youth. This initial spark led her to attend events hosted by Scottish Paranormal and develop an affinity for paranormal television - both of which further fuelled her fascination with the field.


Lisa thrives on breaking new ground, literally and metaphorically. Whether it’s deploying cutting-edge technology or utilising traditional tools, her investigative approach is a blend of experimentation and teamwork. Her love for the paranormal is as much about seeking elusive answers as it is about the joy of exploration in the company of like-minded individuals. A fervent believer in self-growth, Lisa also dedicates time to personal development and spirituality, further enriching both her life and her contributions to the team

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