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Gregor Stewart

Introducing Gregor Stewart: A Haunting Specialist

Gregor Stewart is an Executive Director for Haunted Scotland and published author, He brings his wealth of knowledge and expertise to the forefront of paranormal exploration. With appearances on shows like Help! My House Is Haunted and featured in various media publications in Scotland, Gregor’s insights have captivated audiences far and wide.

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Gregor's Story

With a lifelong fascination for the paranormal, Gregor embarked on more comprehensive research in 2005. He seeks to delve deeper than simply knowing if a place is haunted; his goal is to uncover the identities of alleged spirits, the reasons behind their lingering presence, and the earliest reports of unexplained phenomena. This approach allows him to identify patterns in paranormal encounters and establish connections between different types of hauntings and specific spirits. Gregor also explores the realms of natural energies and vibrational frequencies, believing that the keys to seeing and communicating with spirits lie within these domains and wider energy waves. This is an area of personal research, although again Gregor favours the earlier studies. His historical interests extend to the Scottish Witch Trials, advocating for the remembrance of those persecuted during that dark era.


Furthermore, Gregor is the custodian of the team's collection of purportedly haunted items. As a joint coordinator, Gregor plays a vital role in the daily operations, events, and publications of the organisation. He is passionate and committed to ensuring the team runs smoothly, allowing Scottish Paranormal to pursue their goal of uncovering paranormal mysteries. He brings a well-rounded perspective to the study of the supernatural and offers a tangible connection to the past, shedding light on forgotten stories and mysteries.


Gregor is a Building Surveyor with specialised interests in historical buildings and renewable energy technology. He is a Chartered Member of the Association of Building Engineers.

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