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Lee Dunn

Meet Lee Dunn - Spiritual Teacher, Medium and Paranormal Researcher

Lee is a qualified teacher, professional medium and experienced researcher working throughout Scotland and the United Kingdom. Lee has carried out paranormal investigations internationally, in Bulgaria, Romania and Australia. He's a published author, a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a member of the Scottish Pagan Federation and a member of The Druid Network.

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Lee's Story

From a young age, I experienced strange phenomena. I was only a few years old when I had my first memorable encounter with spirit. I've walked a spiritual path for many years and I now consider myself druid, after spending a long time exploring religion and faith.

I qualified as a school teacher in 1997 and I was previously a senior lecturer at the University of Glasgow. Today, I'm a civil servant as well as a teacher, medium and paranormal researcher. Most of my work is focussed on paranormal investigation, charity fundraising and writing and speaking about life and death.

I believe in universal energy and shamanism, conversing with energy and with spirit - both human and elemental. The Higher Side of Life (what I call The Source or The Universe) connects all living things. Developing honourable relationships with nature and the spirits of our ancestors is central to my mediumship - this is my 'Druid Magick'. 

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