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John White

John is a sound engineer who has worked on many projects involving Scottish Paranormal. He is the creator of the Spod (SP REMPOD) and various other pieces of equipment.

John helps on events, Paranormal research, online and various projects throughout Scotland.

  • Technical Creation & Inversions.

  • On Location Set Up, Tech methodologies & consultation.

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John's Story

I had always been a 100% skeptic and believed everything could be explained logically. I also believed psychics/mediums were fake. That was until four years ago, a certain medium shattered my beliefs, and told me I would have an experience that would leave me in no doubt that the paranormal was real..... sure enough it happened at Bannockburn House. I started joining Tracey on more investigations. In the beginning my interest was more on the history of the buildings (and basements or if there were tunnels) rather than the paranormal side. My main interest is the equipment, and my background as a sound engineer lends me to utilise my expertise in creating the best way to capture audio & visual evidence.


Ryan & I work well together on this level and I enjoy the challenges we give ourselves to keep the group moving ahead of all other groups. As the technical member of the team, I find myself in my element. I’ve always been interested in how things work and if they can be improved. A K2 and rempod of Tracey’s were taken apart one night which led to me making my own for Tracey to try. This led to me making my own creations from scratch. In my role as the ‘techy guy’ , I've found the perfect outlet for my passions. I thrive on the challenges that arise during experiments. This proactive approach ensures that our team is always prepared and equipped with the latest technological advancements.

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