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Tracey White

Meet Tracey White - Paranormal Researcher

Tracey is a passionate paranormal Investigator, researcher and conducts data analysis. In-depth endless work on location to ensure the smooth running of events, investigations and various projects conducted by Scottish Paranormal.

  • On location data gathering

  • Specialises in events, merchandise & public relations

  • Paranormal research, investigation & data analysis & evidence

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Tracey's Story

I've always been fascinated by spooky things and ever since childhood, when I saw what I now know to be a shadow figure and couldn’t rationally explain it. Another experience that made me more curious was, while still living with my parents in Alloa, my Garandad stayed with us. On the day of his funeral, we came back to the house and I remember sitting on the arm of a chair in a daze....staring into space. The next thing I remember was sitting on my Grandad's bed! I still to this day don’t know what happened. Why can’t I remember walking upstairs?. Since this time I have always believed in spirit. ….. But I ALWAYS look for a rational explanation for events.


After leaving school I went to college and became a qualified dental nurse. I love music and from the age of 9yrs old I used to sing at care homes and hospitals with my Uncle. My love of singing continued and I was soon performing locally in pubs n clubs. I married John in 1991 and we have 2 girls. I continued singing professionally and through this I was able to organise fundraising concerts for Strathcarron Hospice & MacMillan until sadly I had to stop due to throat cancer. I had to find another interest to fill my time. I then started researching the paranormal and went to a few investigations with other groups....but on my first event with Scottish Paranormal I realised this was the one I would stick with. Although I don’t have any psychic abilities, I enjoy delving into researching locations and their history. I can lose myself in analysing audio and video footage. On location my aim is to find areas where I can set up cameras and audio devices to collect as much data as possible. I am proud to be a part of this team and I love how as a team we all have the same mindset on how we approach our work.

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