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Ryan O'Neill

Meet Ryan O’Neill: Paranormal Exploration

Ryan O’Neill is a highly experienced and visionary figure in the field of paranormal investigations, with over two decades of expertise. He is the founder of Scottish Paranormal and his steadfast dedication to uncovering the mysteries of Scotland’s haunted landscapes has garnered worldwide attention.

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Ryan's Story

Ryan, an investigator on Discovery Networks’ Spooked Series, has made a lasting impact on the paranormal field. His work on Spooked Scotland and the upcoming Spooked Ireland (set to release in September 2023) has captivated and inspired many. Ryan’s fearless pursuit of the supernatural has earned him a reputation as an esteemed figure in the field.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, Ryan fearlessly explores remote castles, ancient landscapes, and the darkest corners of Scotland to shed light on the unexplained. His relentless quest for answers and documented encounters defy conventional understanding, offering a glimpse into realms beyond our comprehension.

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