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Welcome to Scottish Paranormal Apps

Apps have rapidly become one of the most polarising forms of Paranormal Research, with many investigators wholeheartedly embracing them, while others dismiss them as mere unreliable gimmicks.

At Scottish Paranormal, we advocate for experimenting with new ideas to form our own informed opinions about their potential to aid our quest for answers. Understanding how these tools function is a fundamental part of our approach. Following some promising results with audio apps, we decided to develop our own. By blending over two decades of experience in paranormal research with top-tier developers, we are confident that we have created some of the most transparent apps available. We don’t just produce apps; we actively use them. This allows you to witness their effectiveness and the evidence they generate through our live streams and videos. We are open about how our apps function and warmly welcome any tests. Our SP-7 Spirit Box App, for instance, was tested on the show 'Spooked Ireland' by parapsychologist Dr Evelyn Hollow, yielding astounding results.

Our SP Investigator App was crafted after extensive discussions about tools that would enhance our investigative processes. It enables you to record spirit box sessions, take photographs, monitor environmental conditions, and more—all consolidated in real-time into a single file, providing a comprehensive reference point for evidence review.

Moreover, our innovative Music Box app leverages the latest sensors in mobile devices to detect changes in EMF, movement, or rotation.


For further details on each app, please see below.

SP7 Spirit Box App

Our research and development team has created an ITC app that can be used on your device. It's ideal for investigators and hobbyists alike, wishing to explore communication with spirit and non-physical energies.

The app is available on iOS as well as Android.

The groundbreaking SP7 Spirit Box Application, renowned for its use by Evelyn Hollow and Ryan O'Neill during their seminal investigation at Charleville Castle on Spooked Ireland, is now available to the public. This innovative application, pivotal in eliminating confirmation bias and accurately identifying all four secret words, has also been a key instrument for Chris Fleming at Leap Castle and the investigative team at Culross Palace in Spooked Scotland.


Its remarkable performance in facilitating potential elemental communication at Brodick Castle has only bolstered its reputation.


For over half a decade, this precise setup has been at the forefront of our ITC Research. It's time to share this ground breaking tool with you, opening up realms of possibilities in paranormal research.


Tested on TV!

SP Investigator App

Although the SP Investigator app of course cannot guarantee that you will make contact with spirit during an investigation, it’s the ultimate tool for collecting and analysing any potential evidence.

Create a full timeline of evidence and produce a detailed report at the end. Current evidence types include:

  • Audio for EVP capture

  • Photos & Videos for any visual phenomena

  • EMF* recordings alongside optional audio

  • Manual temperature recordings

  • General comments and observations

  • Comments against evidence and individual items such as photos, videos and audio


For further information and to purchase the app, click HERE Please note this app is available on iOS only at the moment with the Android version coming soon.

SP Music Box

Use your iPhone sensors to detect the presence of any energies or spirits around. The app will detect EMF, any movement or rotation of the phone and changes to magnetic heading - none of which should be happening if the phone is in Airplane Mode and placed on a flat surface without being touched.

When a sensor registers something, the screen lights up and it will play a sound

Choose a different sound for each sensor type from 5 (so far) built-in sounds - music box, bells, knock on a door, a whistle or a child singing creepily

Music Box.jpg

 The app automatically logs the time at which a sensor is activated, so you can see when and at what time it happened

Download from the App Store now!

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