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SP7 Spirit Box App

Our research and development team has created an ITC app that can be used on your device. It's ideal for investigators and hobbyists alike, wishing to explore communication with spirit and non-physical energies.

The app is available on iOS as well as Android.

The groundbreaking SP7 Spirit Box Application, renowned for its use by Evelyn Hollow and Ryan O'Neill during their seminal investigation at Charleville Castle on Spooked Ireland, is now available to the public. This innovative application, pivotal in eliminating confirmation bias and accurately identifying all four secret words, has also been a key instrument for Chris Fleming at Leap Castle and the investigative team at Culross Palace in Spooked Scotland.


Its remarkable performance in facilitating potential elemental communication at Brodick Castle has only bolstered its reputation.


For over half a decade, this precise setup has been at the forefront of our ITC Research. It's time to share this ground breaking tool with you, opening up realms of possibilities in paranormal research.


Tested on TV!

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