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Discover the Unseen: The SP7 Spirit Box App Transforming Spirit Communication

Introducing the SP7 Spirit Box Application | ITC Research

SP7 Spirit Box App for Spirit Communication

The groundbreaking SP7 Spirit Box Application, renowned for its use by Evelyn Hollow and Ryan O'Neill during their seminal investigation at Charleville Castle on Spooked Ireland, is now available to the public. This innovative application, pivotal in eliminating confirmation bias and accurately identifying all four secret words, has also been a key instrument for Chris Fleming at Leap Castle and the investigative team at Culross Palace in Spooked Scotland.

Its remarkable performance in facilitating potential elemental communication at Brodick Castle has only bolstered its reputation.

For over half a decade, this precise setup has been at the forefront of our ITC Research. It's time to share this groundbreaking tool with you, opening up realms of possibilities in paranormal research.

SP7 Spirit Box App Analysis

Understanding Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) Research

ITC Research involves using electronic devices to communicate with spirits or other entities. This field, often involving EVPs, is pivotal in exploring the unknown, seeking evidence of the afterlife or explaining unexplained phenomena. Our application is designed to enhance this research by providing unadulterated access to potential otherworldly communications.

Sound Banks: The Building Blocks of Communication

At the core of our app are phonemes, the smallest distinguishable sound units in language, serving as the foundation for word formation. Our app's unique approach utilises these phonemes across four sound banks, allowing for authentic and unbiased communication. This methodology significantly reduces false positives and confirmation bias, encouraging genuine paranormal interaction.

The SP7 Spirit Box Application: Features and Functionality

  • Offline Operation: Designed for versatility, the app functions entirely offline.

  • No Geolocation: Your privacy is our priority; no tracking or geolocation is involved.

  • Algorithm-Free Design: Free from influencing algorithms, ensuring genuine outcomes.

  • Phoneme-Based Sound Banks: Experience true randomness and the potential for meaningful paranormal interactions.

  • Research Transparency: Full access to our sound banks and code engine is a testament to our commitment to integrity in paranormal research.

SP7 Spirit Box App Screenshot

Navigating the App

Easily control the phoneme banks with dedicated buttons, each assigned to a specific colour for intuitive operation. Customise your experience with adjustable sliders, modifying the frequency and pace of the phonemes to suit your investigation style.

How to Use the App Activating Phoneme Banks: Each phoneme bank is controlled by a distinct button located on the left side of the slider. These buttons enable you to toggle the banks on or off, effectively initiating or halting the phonemes for your spirit communication session. 

  • Green Button: Activates Phoneme Bank A 

  • Blue Button: Activates Phoneme Bank B 

  • Yellow Button: Activates Phoneme Bank C 

  • Red Button: Activates Phoneme Bank D 

Upon activating a bank, its corresponding engine starts, playing a selection of phonemes. Initially, the phonemes are in full selection mode. However, adjusting the slider next to the activation button can modify the frequency and pace at which the phonemes are played, providing a more tailored experience for your session. 

Customisation: This feature affords you complete control, allowing for precise fine-tuning of settings to align with your preferred session approach. Future updates will introduce enhanced randomness to this process, catering to those who seek to maximise unpredictability and derive order from chaos.

Recording and Analysis: Enhancing Your Research

Recording your sessions is crucial. Use an external audio device or a smartphone to capture the nuances of your session. Look out for our upcoming updates aimed at streamlining this process.

SP7 Spirit Box App

For Android and iOS Users

Android users can anticipate future updates, including a speed slider, aligning with iOS functionalities. iOS users enjoy the benefit of a speed regulation slider, adjustable to your preferences.

Our Pledge to Authenticity

Our unwavering commitment to authenticity has been the cornerstone of our app's success over the years. We believe in the efficacy of our approach: if it's not broken, there's no need for change. Our advancements are driven by technological evolution and user demand, not by altering our proven methodology.

Conclusion: The SP7 Spirit Box - Your Gateway to the Paranormal

At Scottish Paranormal, we stand by the tools we create, using them in our own research and ensuring they meet the highest standards. The SP7 Spirit Box Application is more than just a tool; it's a gateway to exploring the unseen world. With our commitment to transparency and integrity, embark on your journey into the paranormal with confidence.

Download the SP7 Spirit Box Application now on Google Play and iOS (Apple) and step into the world of advanced ITC Research.

SP7 Spirit Box App on GooglePlay

SP7 Spirit Box App on iPhone

SP7 Spirit Box App Chris Fleming


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