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Unveiling the Shadows: The Haunted Legacy of Glasgow's Tron Theatre

Tron Theatre Hellfire

Nestled in the Merchant City area of Glasgow, the Tron Theatre, once the site of St. Mary's Church, holds a rich and eerie history. The original church, established in 1525, met a fiery end in 1793, alleged to be the work of the Hellfire Club's drunken revelry. The church's steeple, a solitary survivor of the blaze, stands to this day, a silent witness to the theatre's many transformations, from a meeting hall and execution site to a police station.

The theatre's storied past is not without its spectral residents. Reports of paranormal activity are rife, with staff experiencing an array of unsettling phenomena.

Imagine the chill of an unseen icy finger tracing your neck or the unnerving sight of a door handle turning on its own. The apparitions are varied: phantom children, a man in full horse-riding attire, and a dark, ominous presence in the boiler room, once the crypt of St. Mary's.

ghosts of Hellfire

The theatre's Victorian Bar and the back rows of the auditorium are particularly active, buzzing with unexplained phenomena. Various groups, including The Ghost Club and Scottish Paranormal Investigations, have sought to unravel these mysteries. Their encounters include spirits ranging from a young child and a teenage girl to a town crier and a thespian named Arthur. Notably, during their investigations, they experienced rapid battery drainage, especially near the boiler room, and captured eerie EVPs.

The Tron Theatre's haunted reputation was further explored in an episode of Spooked Scotland, which aired on Really, D-Max & Discovery+; we were part of the investigation team and background research. Gail Porter, Chris Fleming, Evelyn Hollow and I ventured into this enigmatic location to probe its ghostly secrets. The quest led us to the ancient bell tower, where we recorded EVPs - one such "Hellfire Club" was jaw-dropping due to the significance - and experienced unexplained sounds and movements. As a team, we hypothesised that the Hellfire Club's actions might have unleashed a dark entity, a theory that seemed to gain credence as we encountered various manifestations of poltergeist-type activity.

tron theatre gail porter spooked

In a particularly intense session in the auditorium, Chris attempted to confront this entity, drawing the sacred hexagram seal of King Solomon for protection. The consensus was that we made contact with the entity responsible for the disturbances, affirming the theatre's reputation as a hotspot for paranormal activity.

At the time, I did remark on the strength and activity level of the energy, suggesting it might be ancient, maybe even with connections to the lands, a sentiment echoed by Chris.

The Tron Theatre, with its blend of historical significance and eerie encounters, stands as a testament to Glasgow's rich and mysterious past. It's a place where history and legend meet, leaving visitors and investigators alike pondering the thin veil between our world and the unknown​.

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