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Aughrim Battlefield: Unearthing Paranormal Secrets - Spooked Episode Recap by Ryan

Aughrim Battlefield Jacobites

Uncovering the mysteries of Aughrim Battlefield has been an absolute whirlwind adventure, one that still sends chills down my spine when I recollect. Aughrim was unlike any other case we've tackled on Spooked. Not only due to its historical importance but also the sheer vastness of the site, stretching from the eerie Bloody Hollow to the farmhouses, museums, and winding streets.

Let me take you on a behind-the-scenes journey of what truly went down. If you would like to read the history and stories first, you can do so HERE

The Haunting Thomas's Farmhouse: Every paranormal investigator knows that a location's energy is felt immediately upon entering. While our sweeps, which we conduct both on and off-camera, generally allow us to gauge the vibe of a place, nothing could prepare Chris and me for what awaited us in Thomas's kitchen. As we were discussing our findings, a disembodied giggle interrupted us. For context, the room held only four souls – Chris, myself, and two masked production members. There wasn’t another living being in the farmhouse. My startled exclamation, I believe, conveyed how utterly surreal that moment was for us. But that was just the tip of the spectral iceberg.

Farmhouse at Aughrim Battlefield

A Symphony of the Supernatural: The farmhouse seemed alive, with mysterious clicks, faint whispers, and an inexplicable whistle. But it was Ruth's reaction that truly underscored the gravity of the haunting. Seeing her bolt from the kitchen, a woman I've known to face the unknown head-on, was jolting. She later revealed that an invisible force had gripped her leg, shaking her usually unflappable demeanor.

Unraveling Paranormal Phenomena: Our gadgets and instruments became crucial allies in this case. The DR60 registered some significant paranormal responses, corroborating our experiences. Another highlight was the baffling ringing of a bell, heard clearly by all but originating from nowhere.

An Unsettling Touch: Vogue's unnerving experience of feeling something at her hood, even when there was visibly nothing, adds another layer to the enigma. While some might dismiss such experiences as mere sensations, her conviction in what she felt was palpable.

Aughrim Battlefield Canon

Eerie Echoes from the Battlefields: Our expedition on the battlefield itself was one for the books. The GhostTube software threw up some spine-tingling results, none more impactful than the clear sound of war drums echoing through the silent night. And as if on cue, a thick fog enveloped us, only to dissipate just as suddenly.

The Voice from Beyond: Our EVP session near the end, where a voice distinctly murmured my name, remains one of the most profound experiences of my Spooked adventures thus far. Was it a friendly spirit reaching out, or should I be concerned about this spectral mention?

In retrospect, Aughrim felt like a portal, where the tragic tales of yesteryears seamlessly merged with our present, urging us to listen, understand, and perhaps, help. While I've given you a glimpse here, I urge you to watch the full episode on Discovery+ UK for the complete, haunting picture.

Join us next Friday at 9 pm for another spine-chilling investigation in Ireland. Until then, keep those lights on and stay Spooked! 🇮🇪👻🔦

Aughrim Battlefield Spooked Ireland

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