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Aughrim Battlefield's Haunting Tales: Ghostly Echoes of 1691

Aughrim Battlefield Ghost Soldiers

Nestled in County Galway lies a field, seemingly peaceful, but its tranquillity belies a history marred by violence and bloodshed. This is Aughrim Battlefield, where the memories of the fallen still linger, echoing tales of a gruesome past.

A Field Painted with Blood

The Battle of Aughrim, taking place on July 25, 1691, saw some 35,000 soldiers, loyal to either William of Orange or King James II, clashing in a deadly confrontation. By the end, as many as 7,000 lay lifeless, their bodies abandoned to rot where they had fallen. The rains that followed carried the blood of these men to a natural depression in the terrain, which would come to be chillingly known as "The Bloody Hollow". Over time, this hollow would bear witness to countless tales of ghostly apparitions and eerie sensations.

Aughrim Battlefield Chris Fleming
Chris Fleming Art:

Spectral Soldiers of Aughrim

Visitors to this historical site have recounted numerous encounters with the spectral remnants of the battle. Ghostly figures of Jacobite soldiers are often seen at a distance, standing still and staring into the void. They seem trapped in a loop, forever doomed to re-live their final moments. When approached, these apparitions vanish into the mists of time.

Particularly harrowing are the tales associated with "The Bloody Hollow". Some visitors speak of being gripped by a sudden, inexplicable fear upon entering the area. Others feel unseen hands brush against them, perhaps a last desperate plea from souls forever trapped in their dying moments.

Whispers of another heart-wrenching apparition have also been shared - that of a loyal canine, who, in life, had accompanied its master into battle. Now, in death, it remains by its master's side, its spectral form seen hovering where its master met his end.

Echoes of the Past

Thomas Moore's poignant poem, Forget Not the Field, serves as a reminder of the gravity of that fateful day. His words, "Forget not the field where they perish'd, The truest, the last of the brave", strike a chord, resonating with the collective memory of a nation.

In the aftermath of the battle, the landscape was littered with the decaying corpses of fallen soldiers. These sights and sounds of that horrific day have etched themselves onto the very fabric of the place. Visitors often report the distant sounds of battle cries, the clashing of weapons, and the agonized screams of the dying, all remnants of that tragic day.

Aughrim Battlefield Soldier & Dog

A Community's Haunting Memories

Local properties situated on these historic lands bear their own share of ghostly tales. Residents and villagers have reported uncanny activities - spectres wandering about, some appearing disfigured or missing body parts.

While some of these apparitions seem trapped in a residual loop, re-living their last moments, others appear sentient, aware of their surroundings but unable to move on to the afterlife.

So, get ready to mark your calendars and set your reminders because you won't want to miss what's coming up. This Friday, the Aughrim Battlefield episode will air on Really Channel. If you're unable to catch it on TV, you can stream it later on Discovery+.

The Aughrim battlefield is shrouded in mystery, and we're on the verge of uncovering more secrets. So keep your eyes peeled and your recording devices ready to capture any paranormal activity. Stay Spooked, my friends!

Aughrim Battlefield

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