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Mastering the Unseen: A Pro's Guide to Credible Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Hunting

Conducting credible paranormal investigations is a complex yet rewarding task. that requires a combination of skills, knowledge, and proper equipment. Here is a list of solutions to common mistakes made by enthusiasts.

Research for Preparation for Credible Paranormal Investigations

Preparation for Credible Paranormal Investigations

Conduct Thorough Research: Before embarking on any investigation, it is important to delve into the history and previous experiences related to the location to understand better what you might encounter. Consider consulting local historians or those with knowledge of the area.

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Learn Equipment Properly: It is crucial to familiarise yourself with how to use all your equipment, including EMF meters, voice recorders, and infrared cameras. Consider attending training sessions or seeking advice from experienced investigators.

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During the Investigation

Control Environmental Variables: Take measures to reduce or account for environmental factors that might contaminate your evidence. For example, consider temperature changes, drafts, or outside noise.

Maintain an Open Mind: Avoid entering investigations with preconceived notions or bias, as this can colour your interpretation of events. Be willing to consider all possibilities.

Apply Healthy Scepticism:

  1. Always consider natural or scientific explanations for phenomena before attributing them to paranormal causes.

  2. Seek advice from experts in related fields, such as physics or psychology.

  3. Never enter as a debunker of claims; this is a preconceived mindset.

  4. Stay as impartial as possible and be flexible to move with the evidence.

Follow Safety Protocols: Make sure to follow safety guidelines, especially when investigating potentially hazardous locations. This may include wearing protective gear or having a first aid kit on hand.

Preparation for Credible Paranormal Investigations

Data Analysis and Presentation

Combine Anecdotal and Empirical Evidence: While personal experiences are important, also seek empirical data for a well-rounded investigation. This may include temperature readings, audio recordings, or video footage.

Interpret Data Carefully: Always seek second opinions on evidence like EVPs to make sure you're not mistaking natural phenomena for paranormal activity. Consider consulting with experts in related fields.

Maintain Comprehensive Documentation: Keep detailed records of your findings, including the conditions under which evidence was collected. This may include notes on weather conditions, equipment used, and the time of day.

Ethical and Legal Concerns

Seek Proper Permissions: Always secure permission from property owners or authorities before conducting an investigation. This may involve obtaining written consent or signing a waiver.

Avoid Sensationalism: Stick to the facts and avoid exaggerating findings; credibility is crucial in this field. Be honest about your methods and any limitations or uncertainties.

Credible Paranormal Investigations For Ghost Hunting

Communication and Collaboration

Work Effectively as a Team: Open communication and collaboration among team members can make the investigation more effective. Assign roles and responsibilities to team members based on their individual strengths.

Consult with Experts: Don't hesitate to seek advice from seasoned investigators or academics in the field. Consider attending conferences or workshops to network and learn from others.

Public Presentation

Produce High-Quality Content: If your investigation is intended for public viewing, ensure it is well-produced, with clear video, structured narration, and logical progression. Consider hiring a professional videographer or editor if necessary.

Be Open to Criticism: Always be willing to take constructive criticism and peer reviews as opportunities to improve and refine your methods. Consider forming a peer review group or seeking feedback from trusted colleagues. Available Within the Premium Subscribers Group


- Conduct thorough research before investigating a location

- Learn how to properly use equipment

- Control environmental variables during investigation

- Maintain an open mind and apply healthy scepticism

- Follow safety protocols

- Combine anecdotal and empirical evidence in data analysis

- Interpret data carefully and maintain comprehensive documentation

- Seek proper permission and avoid sensationalism

- Work effectively as a team and consult with experts

- Produce high-quality content for public presentation

- Be open to criticism and seek feedback from trusted colleagues.

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Oct 01, 2023

Are there courses available ??

Ryan O'Neill
Ryan O'Neill
Oct 02, 2023
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There is a course currently under construction and being integrated with the new Portal here 😊

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