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A Haunting Encounter at Gartloch Hospital - Haunted Hospitals Scotland

Haunting Encounter at Gartloch Hospital

It was a serene June morning in 1984, the kind where the early sun bathed Gartloch Hospital in a gentle, golden light, making the old brick walls almost seem welcoming. The usual quiet of the early hour was punctuated by the occasional bird song and the distant hum of awakening life beyond the hospital grounds. Inside, however, the atmosphere was thick with the remnants of countless whispered secrets and lingering despair.

Haunting Encounter at Gartloch Hospital Stairs

A nurse was on duty with a colleague, anticipating the routine visit from a charge nurse. The stillness of the early hour was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a lock turning and the distinct echo of footsteps resonating through the building’s old, wooden floors. The sound was crisp and clear, each step imbued with an odd sense of purpose that sent a shiver down the nurse's spine.

Haunting Encounter at Gartloch Hospital

She moved towards the top of the stairs, expecting to greet the charge nurse. The footsteps grew louder, climbing the staircase with a deliberate rhythm. As the figure came into view, she saw a woman of average height, dressed in a grey tweed jacket and a matching long skirt, her high-neck white blouse pristine against the aged surroundings. The woman’s hair was neatly tied back, her appearance suggesting an era long past.

Haunting Encounter at Gartloch Hospital The Matron

“Good morning,” the nurse greeted her, her voice echoing slightly in the hallway. But there was no reply. The woman merely looked at her, her eyes flickering with a bemused smile that did nothing to dispel the growing chill in the air.

The woman walked past, the scent of old fabric and faint lavender lingering in the air. The nurse turned to follow her, puzzled by the silence. She watched as the figure stopped, glanced back at her with an inscrutable expression, and then, defying all logic, began to lift off the ground.

Haunting Encounter at Gartloch Hospital Smells and Sounds

Her heart pounded in her chest, her breath catching as she watched the woman float at an angle, her form fading slightly as she approached a nearby side room. The door was closed, but this did not hinder the spectral visitor. With an eerie grace, the woman passed through the solid wood, disappearing from sight.

The hallway fell silent again, the air heavy with an unspoken presence. The nurse stood frozen, the reality of the encounter settling into her bones. It was only then that she realised she had been in the presence of something otherworldly. The sounds, the smells, the very feel of the building had changed, as if acknowledging the ghostly figure that had walked its halls.

Her colleague found her moments later, her face pale and eyes wide with the shock of what she had witnessed. In hushed tones, they spoke of the experience, knowing it would become yet another tale whispered in the shadowed corners of Gartloch Hospital.

This is not the only time the lady in grey would be part of a haunting encounter at Gartloch Hospital, however!

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