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Haunted Hospitals Scotland: Alexandra Nursing Home (formerly Royal Alexandra Infirmary Hospital)

Alexandra Nursing Home

Nestled in the heart of Paisley, the now previous Alexandra Nursing Home, formerly known as the Royal Alexandra Infirmary, has a past that dates back to 1786. Initially established as a general dispensary for the sick poor, the facility has evolved over the centuries, its walls echoing with the lives of patients and staff who passed through its doors. Today, it stands as a testament to Paisley's medical history and a beacon for those intrigued by the paranormal.

A Historic Evolution

The Royal Alexandra Infirmary's origins trace back to a humble beginning in 1786, providing outpatient medical treatment and advice to the impoverished. By 1805, it had transformed into a House of Recovery, catering to patients with infectious diseases to curb the spread of illness in the rapidly growing industrial town. As the 19th century progressed, the facility expanded, becoming the Paisley Infirmary and Dispensary by 1850, equipped with both medical and surgical wards.

Alexandra Nursing Home Beds Move

The Spirits of Alexandra Nursing Home

With such a rich history, it is no surprise that the Alexandra Nursing Home, once derelict and now to be redeveloped, became a hotspot for paranormal activity. Former staff members have recounted numerous eerie encounters, painting a vivid picture of the spectral inhabitants that may continue to haunt its halls.

The Phantom Footsteps

One of the most frequently reported phenomena involves hearing footsteps in the loft, an area that is securely padlocked and inaccessible to residents and staff alike. These mysterious footsteps, often described as deliberate and heavy, echo through the quiet building, leaving those who hear them with an unsettling sense of being watched by an unseen presence.

Alexandra Nursing Home Bodybag Ghost

The Man with the Body Bag

A particularly chilling apparition is that of a man seen dragging what appears to be a body bag through the corridors. Witnesses describe the figure as shadowy and indistinct, moving with a grim determination. This spectral sighting is often accompanied by a cold draft and an overwhelming feeling of dread, suggesting that the man may be re-enacting a tragic event from the hospital's past.

Beds That Move on Their Own

Numerous reports have detailed beds being mysteriously elevated and pushed away from the walls, seemingly of their own accord. This unnerving activity typically occurs at night, when the building is at its quietest. Patients and staff had woken to find their beds repositioned, adding to the growing list of unexplained occurrences within the nursing home.

Alexandra Nursing Home Floating Beds

The Whispering Voices

In rooms where residents are fast asleep, the soft murmur of whispered conversations could often be heard. These disembodied voices, though indistinct, carry a sense of urgency and sorrow. Attempts to locate the source of the whispers have proven futile, as they seem to emanate from the very walls of the building itself.

The Grey Lady

Among the most enduring spirits of the previous Alexandra Nursing Home is the Grey Lady. This apparition, dressed in flowing grey garments, is often seen floating through the hallways, her presence marked by an ethereal glow. Staff and residents who have encountered her describe a feeling of profound melancholy, as if the Grey Lady is mourning some long-forgotten sorrow.

The Haunted Legacy

The reputation as a haunted location is well-deserved. The building's extensive history, coupled with its role in caring for the sick and dying, has created a fertile ground for ghostly manifestations. Each unexplained event, from the phantom footsteps to the whispering voices, adds to the historical tales that surround this historic site.

If visiting our historical Scottish sites, please be respectful, do not cause damage or concern to the local communities, and leave every area better than you found it.

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