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Haunted Hospitals Scotland: Bangour Village Hospital

Bangour Village Hospital Haunted

Bangour Village Hospital, located west of Dechmont in West Lothian, Scotland, is an abandoned psychiatric hospital steeped in history and shrouded in ghostly tales. Established in the early 20th century, it played a significant role during both World Wars and later became a focal point for paranormal enthusiasts.

Historical Overview

Bangour Village Hospital was conceived as a solution to the growing mental health crisis in Edinburgh. The hospital, situated 14 miles from the city in hilly woodlands, opened officially in 1906. Its design was inspired by the village system of patient care, a model aimed at providing a more humane environment for psychiatric patients.

During World War I, Bangour was transformed into the Edinburgh War Hospital to treat wounded soldiers. The facility expanded significantly to accommodate up to 3,000 patients. After the war, the hospital resumed its role as a psychiatric institution. In 1939, during World War II, it again served as part of the Edinburgh War Hospital network.

Bangour Village Hospital WW2 Soldiers

The hospital continued to operate as a psychiatric facility until the late 20th century. General medical services were transferred to the newly-opened St John's Hospital in nearby Livingston, leading to the closure of Bangour General Hospital in 1991. The psychiatric hospital officially closed its doors in 2004​. The site has since been used as a filming location for the 2005 film The Jacket, starring Keira Knightley and Adrien Brody​.

Paranormal Activity At Bangour Village Hospital

Since its closure, Bangour Village Hospital has garnered a reputation as one of Scotland's most haunted locations. Reports of paranormal activity are numerous and varied, attracting urban explorers and ghost hunters alike.

Mysterious Figures

Bangour Village Hospital Apparition

One of the most frequently reported phenomena at Bangour is the sighting of mysterious figures walking the hospital grounds. These apparitions often follow visitors, only to vanish into thin air, leaving an eerie atmosphere in their wake.

Ward 9

Bangour Village Hospital Ghosts

The most haunted part of Bangour Village Hospital is said to be Ward 9. This area has a notorious reputation for strange and unsettling occurrences. Staff who worked alone upstairs often reported feeling intense goosebumps and an overwhelming sense of unease.

Strange voices are commonly heard in Ward 9, with disembodied whispers and conversations echoing through the empty halls. Furniture has been heard moving across the floors, and doors have been known to close by themselves, defying logical explanation. The patient lift in this ward is also notorious for unexplained movements and was generally avoided by staff due to its frequent paranormal occurrences​.

Bangour Village Hospital Haunted Lifts


Bangour Village Hospital stands as a testament to the evolution of psychiatric care in Scotland, its abandoned buildings now home to countless ghost stories. The blend of historical significance and paranormal activity creates a compelling narrative that continues to captivate. We wandered the grounds of this location extensively over the last decade, and hold archived content and data which will be shared as 'Premium Reports'.


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