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When History Meets Mystery: A Night at King John's Castle, Limerick

King John's Castle Illustration

An Eerie Evening with Spooked Ireland

From the moment I checked into The Strand in Limerick, the looming presence of King John's Castle on the hotel room wall captivated me. The majestic castle silhouette hinted at a labyrinth of secrets, and little did I know, the historic behemoth would later leave me in awe—and a bit spooked.

The Roots of the Investigation - King John's Castle

"Where there's history, there's mystery," a phrase I often find myself saying, echoed in my head as my research for this investigation deepened. The Viking history of this awe-inspiring castle was more than enough to whet my paranormal appetite. The accounts of centuries-long battles, sieges, and emotional turmoil registered off the charts. That history signaled one thing: a very real possibility of encountering paranormal activity.

The Unexpected Unfolded

And boy, did the spirits make their presence known! Chris Fleming has a unique ability to sense energies that are intangible yet somehow still present. He can pick up on the subtle vibrations that most of us are oblivious to, but there was no denying that he was onto something here. They lurked in the shadows, watching silently; Chris told us so it was time to attempt to bridge the seen and useen worlds.

I chose an old-school tool—the DR60 recorder- to capture their voices. Despite its shortcomings, like a lower bitrate and absence of noise cancellation, this vintage device excels at picking up spectral sounds. This time, though, the silence we captured was deafening—a null result that spoke volumes.

Historic walls of King John's Castle

Chasing the Unseen

After striking out with audio, I pivoted to the visual spectrum. After all, eye-witness accounts had often mentioned visual anomalies such as Shadow figures. The SLS camera offered some light-validating results, more so showing correlation with what Chris was telling us, a departure from my usual experience where audio typically steals the show. But it was the physical phenomena that truly rattled me with deep thought.

The Tower's Tell-Tale Thud

I'll never forget the visceral thud that echoed as I walked alone through the tower after setting up equipment. As a precautionary measure, we always keep the camera on our phones filming during location access wanders on Spooked. You never know when spirits will make an appearance, and we don't want to miss anything. On this particular occasion, we were lucky enough to capture something on film - our first piece of evidence and a clue to the case.. Fast forward to our crew member Rebecca also experiencing similar phenomena—a door flying open, then inexplicable thuds—it became clear we had a unique case on our hands.

Confirming the Unexplainable

Couple these experiences with video evidence of a shadow figure, rempod indications in tandem with moving airflow as if something had brushed past both Chris and Vogue, and even a reconstructed face using FBI-type software with the YES/NO sensor box. It's safe to say that King John's Castle exceeded our expectations. It was validating many witnesses!

The Verdict

At the intersection of Ireland's layered history and a modern hunt for the unknown, this investigation was a validation for all of us—Chris, Vogue, Evelyn, and myself. It reconfirmed my long-standing belief: where there's a depth of history, there's bound to be a layer of mystery, waiting to be peeled back and examined.

As for what lies ahead? Well, let's just say, we're excited to dive into the next haunting chapter. Stay tuned!

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