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Echoes from the Past: Unveiling the Haunted Mysteries of King John's Castle on Spooked Ireland

Moonlit night at King John's Castle, a hotspot for paranormal activity.

So, ready to take another dive into the otherworldly? Buckle up, because Spooked Ireland is back, and this time, we're taking you to the haunting halls of King John's Castle in Limerick. This isn't just a castle; it's a time machine, a stony maze full of history, mystery, and ghostly whispers.

In the Beginning, There Were Vikings

Long before King John laid his royal eyes on this spot, a Viking sea-king named Tomrair mac Ailchi chose King's Island as the perfect stronghold. From here, he and his men pillaged their way up and down the River Shannon, striking terror into the hearts of monks and villagers alike. But the Vikings' reign was short-lived. Battles lost and tributes paid, they found themselves reduced to just another clan in the area, sometimes important but mostly forgotten.

An Island Transformed

Fast forward to 1172, and you'll find the Anglo-Normans striding into the scene. It took them a couple of decades and a charred city later—thanks to Domhnall Mór Ó Briain's stubborn resistance—to finally get a stronghold. Under King John's orders, by around 1210, a colossal castle stood watch over the River Shannon, serving as a mighty deterrent to anyone thinking of messing with Limerick's newfound prosperity.

A Tale of Two Towns

By this point, Limerick was flourishing so much that King John decided it deserved its own mint. The city was a patchwork of the "English Town" on King's Island and the "Irish Town" on the south bank. Ah, but don't let the grand history fool you. King John's Castle wasn't all about minted coins and mercantile success; it has its dark corners and haunted nooks.

A Lady Cloaked in Darkness and Mystery

That brings us to "The Black Lady," the ethereal dame said to haunt the northeastern tower. She's got flowing blonde locks and wears robes so fine, you'd think she walked out of a royal portrait. But what is she doing on those battlements, and why only at dusk? Stay tuned to find out.

The Eternal Guard at the Gates Of King John's Castle

And let's not forget the spectral soldier near the entrance. Clad in a military headdress and a shining breastplate, he stands guard on moonlit nights. What's he watching for? You'll have to tune in to see.

Unearthly Phenomena

Ah, but that’s not all. Doors slamming, footsteps marching, armour clashing—this castle speaks, but not in any language you've ever heard. It's as if the very walls have something they desperately want to say. Are you willing to listen?

The Haunting of Thomond Bridge

And just a stone's throw away lies Thomond Bridge, haunted by the malevolent spirit of the Bishop's Lady, who seeks to drag late-night wanderers to a watery demise. Trust us; you’ll want to stay away from that bridge unless you’re in for a ghastly thrill!

So, brace yourselves and set your reminders because you don't want to miss what's coming. King John's Castle is full of secrets, and we're on the verge of uncovering them. Keep those eyes peeled and your EVP recorders at the ready. Until then, Stay Spooked, my friends!

King John's Castle Spooked Ireland
Friday 6th October 2023 at 9pm on Really Channel

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