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Have We Found The Spirit of Thomas

the spirit of Thomas

In the shadows of the A75, Scotland's eerily renowned 'Ghost Road,' lies a woodland cloaked in mystery, its silence echoing with tales yet to be told. During a live stream wander, where it certainly felt as if the veil between the known and the unknown had thinned, and the skies became DARK, a name whispered through the airwaves: "Thomas", "Tom", and Tam.

Our venture into the heart of these haunted woods, armed with ITC techniques and experimental methodologies in our lifelong quest to see what works and what does not, has opened a channel to voices of the invisible realm, it seems.

The name "Thomas" resonated within our audio equipment and was echoed by the keen senses of our regular participants who watched it unfold live, Sylvia Gorvett and Laurie Ellis, who independently felt the presence of a "Thomas" through the digital ether.

Intrigued by this mysterious correlation between audio and those watching in armed with impressions, our diligent researcher, Greg Stewart, has delved into the archives of the area's storied past. His efforts have unearthed a poignant piece of history: the tale of a stonebreaker, age 79, named Thomas. Found lifeless in the very woods we tread, his departure from this world was marked as a silent surrender to nature's final call—heart failure, as noted by a Dr. from Annan. The article is dated 1918.

Could the Thomas that reached out through the soundwaves and the static of our devices be the same soul that once walked these grounds, whose labor-hardened hands are now at rest beneath the canopy where his last breath was drawn? With respect for the privacy of his kin, and acknowledging that the years have shrouded his full story in the mists of time, ive withdrawn his family name but the information is available to those who wish to research.

Intent on further audio sampling and meticulous data collection, we will tread softly among the grounds again and attempt to gain more answers. It is not mere curiosity that drives us, but a profound respect for the echoes of lives that still resonate in places like these. We shall ask the woods once more, with equipment poised to capture the faintest of replies: Could this indeed be the same Thomas? And if so, what tales does he wish to tell from beyond the threshold?

Our journey continues, and we invite you to join us in uncovering the secrets that lie in the heart of Scotland's most haunted road. Perhaps we will again meet the Spirit Of Thomas.

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