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Case Report - Is RAF Dumfries Haunted?

RAF Dumfries Tower

RAF Dumfries Paranormal Investigation Report – Haunted Scotland Investigates

Is RAF Dumfries Aviation Museum Haunted?


RAF Dumfries, currently home to the Dumfries Aviation Museum, presents a unique blend of rich historical significance and intriguing paranormal reports.

This investigation focuses on the museum, particularly around the original control tower and its hangars, which house a diverse collection of aircraft and war artefacts.

The museum's ties to RAF history and its collection of items from various war engagements make it an ideal location for exploring paranormal phenomena.

This report documents our team's findings from the recent investigation, considering the site's storied past and the experiences of staff, volunteers, and visitors alike.

Historical Context:

Established amidst the looming threat of World War II, RAF Dumfries was operational by 1940, playing a crucial role in aircraft preparation, repairs, and storage. It was also a training ground, with the No 10 Bombing and Gunnery School relocating here in 1940. The airfield's transformation from grass to concrete runways increased its visibility and vulnerability, leading to a German aircraft attack in 1943, although with minimal impact. The airfield continued its operations post-war until its closure and sale in 1960. The current museum, formed by enthusiasts of WWII relics, opened in 1977, housing a rich collection of artefacts, including pieces from significant crash sites.

RAF Dumfries Aviation

Reported Paranormal Activity at RAF Dumfries Aviation Museum:

The museum has been the focus of several unexplained occurrences. Witnesses have reported seeing a large military plane resembling one involved in a historical crash near the site.

Volunteers have experienced unsettling phenomena in the Control Tower, such as inexplicable crashes from lower levels with no visible cause.

Additionally, audio recordings captured during preliminary visits have revealed intriguing responses, suggesting the presence of residual energies. A noteworthy incident involves a local resident witnessing what appeared to be a phantom replay of a plane crash on its anniversary.

These accounts, combined with the museum's historical significance, have fueled speculations of paranormal activity, making RAF Dumfries a compelling site for investigation.

  • Phantom Military Plane Sighting: A local reported seeing a large military plane approaching to land near the museum. Upon inquiry, it was clarified that no new planes were scheduled to land, and the museum lacked the facilities for such landings. The sighting coincidentally matched the date of a historical plane crash in the vicinity of the former RAF base.

  • Reluctance to Work in Control Tower: A former volunteer expressed discomfort about working in the Control Tower during nighttime, although specific reasons for this reluctance were not disclosed.

  • Unexplained Noise in Control Tower: While working at the top of the tower, volunteers heard a loud crash from the lower levels. Expecting displaced museum artifacts, they found everything intact, leaving the source of the noise unexplained.

  • Chilling Experience of Aviation Enthusiasts: In the 1990s, a group of aircrash hobbyists, including John Owens' brother-in-law, Ralph Davidson, experienced a sudden chill and heard an unexplained whistle while filming in the museum. This unsettling event was recorded on a camcorder.

  • Strange Activity in Tower: Locals familiar with the museum reported unusual experiences in the upper levels of the Control Tower, suggesting paranormal activity. Additionally, another witness independently noted a peculiar sensation in the same area.

  • EVP Recording in Museum: During a preliminary visit, an Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) recording captured a distinct "YES SIR" at the back of the Tower, prompting further investigations into the site's paranormal aspects.

These accounts contribute to the intriguing narrative of paranormal phenomena associated with the Dumfries Aviation Museum, particularly in and around the historic Control Tower.

RAF Dumfries Tower Control

Our Sessions at RAF Dumfries Aviation Museum

Unexplained Phenomena During Setup:

  • Squelching Footsteps: John White, while setting up DVR cameras in the higher levels of the tower, reported hearing what he described as squelching footsteps behind him, despite being alone in the area. This occurred during the pre-session phase while guests were being briefed.

Analysis of EDI+ Data:

  • EMF and Geophone Readings: The EDI+ data revealed notable changes in electromagnetic fields and vibrations, categorised as EMF and Geophone readings.

  • Environmental Fluctuations: Significant fluctuations were detected in humidity, pressure, and temperature, suggesting potential paranormal activity.

Environmental Detection Analysis and Working Hypothesis

Time: 02:42:37 - Preliminary Event

  • EMF: 1.1 MG (Milligauss)

  • Geophone: 12 Milligrav

  • Temperature: 48.9°F

  • Humidity: 81.9% RH

  • Pressure: 995.0 hPa

Time: 02:47:45 - Significant Event

  • EMF: 0.0

  • Geophone: 979 Milligrav

  • Temperature: 49.1°F

  • Humidity: 82.3% RH

  • Pressure: 995.0 hPa

RAF Dumfries DATA


  • Approximately 5 minutes before the significant Geophone vibration (979 Milligrav), there was an EMF spike of 1.1 MG. This reading is notably higher than any other recorded data over a 3.3-hour period.

  • Within the 6 minutes following the EMF spike, a substantial Geophone reading of 979 Milligrav was observed, indicating a highly significant interaction within the Tower Control Room.

  • Potential Interpretation: This sequence of events may suggest a buildup of energy, starting with the EMF spike and culminating in the pronounced Geophone vibration. This hypothesis proposes that the initial EMF spike could be indicative of an accumulating energy, which then manifested physically, as detected by the Geophone.

Key Observations

  • The substantial shift from a high EMF reading to a pronounced Geophone reading within a short time frame suggests a significant shift in the environmental conditions or potential paranormal activity in the Tower Control Room.

  • The absence of corresponding fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and pressure reinforces the peculiarity of the EMF and Geophone readings, suggesting that these changes were not due to common environmental factors.

  • The data indicates two distinct events: an initial electromagnetic fluctuation followed by a physical vibration, which might be interpreted as a sequence of energy buildup and release.


  • The data collected provides compelling evidence of a significant shift in the area, potentially indicative of paranormal activity. The hypothesis of an energy buildup from the EMF spike leading to the physical manifestation captured by the Geophone provides a plausible explanation for these observations. Further investigation and analysis would be beneficial to support or refine this hypothesis.

RAF Dumfries EDI+

Electronic Voice Phenomena & Auditory Phenomena:

  • The investigation involved extensive recording of the environment, with a focus on capturing Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

  • In the Tower Control Room, a recorder was set up by Lisa to document any movements or sounds.

  • Forensic analysis of the SONY device recordings yielded several EVPs, including "Go Away," "Camera," "Camera Set it," "Hear Me," "I'm Hearing You," and other unknown sounds. These were captured before the start of the first session and are considered significant due to the absence of individuals in the vicinity.

The DR60 Recorder Findings:

  • Scottish Paranormal and Haunted Scotland Investigates use the DR60 recorder, extensively tested to rule out external interferences.

  • Adhering to the principle of thorough investigation and avoiding preconceptions, the team captured several key phrases during the investigation sessions, including:

    • "Here," "I know Staff," "Captain" when asked if a spirit was present.

    • Responses like "I Did," "I have to," "Listening" to queries about painful experiences.

    • "Lot's Of People Used The ?" when inquiring about nationality.

    • "PAIIIIIIIIN," "POP," "This Is Not Funny," "Poppy," "Where Did They Put It," "Yes Stop Pain" during various interaction attempts.

  • Some audio captures were marked as unknown due to the complexities involved in the analysis, which considers local dialects and potential interpretation errors.

The Franks Box - ITC Research at RAF Dumfries Aviation Museum

  • Morse Code-Like Sounds: Upon activating the Franks Box during our sessions, we encountered an unexpected phenomenon. A series of sounds resembling Morse Code repeatedly played through the device, presenting an unusual auditory experience.

  • Clear Words Amidst Static: Amongst the static, distinct words such as "Help," "Raymond," and "Richard" were discerned. These instances captured during the Franks Box sessions require thorough analysis for deeper insights and will be meticulously added to our case files for comprehensive review.

MEL Meter REM Observations:

  • Unusual Environmental Readings: Throughout the evening, the Mel Meter faced operational challenges, frequently triggering alarms until its battery was depleted. Primarily, it registered temperature fluctuations that were not corroborated by our EDI+ data.

  • Field-Breaking Energy Detections: The REM antenna of the Mel Meter detected occasional field-breaking energies. Intriguingly, these activations occurred even during periods when no one was present, such as break times. This phenomenon was documented, although its cause remains inconclusive.

The Music Box - Movement Detection on Tower Stairs:

  • Unexplained Activation: A noteworthy observation was made with the Music Box placed on the tower stairs. The device was triggered multiple times despite the absence of any visible presence in its vicinity.

  • Filmed Evidence of Isolation: To validate this occurrence, we filmed the area, confirming that no one was near the Music Box during these activations. The activation mechanism, typically a Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR), seemed to respond to an unseen trigger.

  • Case File Addition: This intriguing event involving the Music Box has been duly noted and will be added to our case files for further examination and correlation with other collected data.

RAF Dumfries Spitfire

Lisa's Session - Diverse Paranormal Techniques and Subjective Experiences

Spectral Presence and Communication:

  • Identification of Spirits: Two separate groups, during Lisa's session, perceived the presence of five spirits, including a family unit comprising two adults and three children, a Polish pilot, and a female entity named Elizabeth or Betty.

  • Spitfire Pilot Interaction: Communication with a prevalent Spitfire pilot was established, who expressed discontent about being 'stuck' and animosity towards German enemies from his wartime experiences.

Physical Sensations and Responses:

  • Unusual Hand Spasms: Sharon and Kyle experienced notable hand spasms during the session, raising questions about whether these were manifestations of a spirit's past experiences, possibly recalling sensations from their pilot days.

  • Perceived Presence of a Young Boy: Multiple participants detected the presence of a small boy, reinforcing the notion of diverse spirits occupying the museum.

Equipment Responses and Interactions:

  • Autonomous Indicators: The session witnessed flashing balls operating independently and an EMF Teddy Bear responding to questions through LED signals, suggesting active spirit communication.

  • Dowsing Rods and Connections: Stewart and Sam utilised dowsing rods, which intriguingly turned to point towards displays and a picture of Muriel Dowding, wife of Lord Hugh Dowding, a known spiritualist from nearby Moffat.

Navigational Spirits and Historical Correlations:

  • British Navigator Spirit: A British Navigator's presence was felt in two separate question sets, with dowsing rods pointing towards a cabinet displaying compasses and maps, hinting at the spirit's historical role.

  • Local Cemetery Link: A spirit claimed to have died in the area and be buried in a local cemetery. This claim, particularly the mention of a problem with the left hand, warrants further research for validation.

Further Investigations by Shelley and Mark:

  • Extended Session for Deeper Insights: Shelley and Mark conducted an extensive session using the aforementioned techniques.

Shelley and Mark's Session - Detailed Dowsing Responses

This part of the investigation, conducted by Shelley and Mark, centred on dowsing techniques to interact with the spiritual presence at RAF Dumfries. The responses indicated a variety of entities and sentiments, as outlined below:

  1. Responses Indicating Presence and Acknowledgement:

    • Confirmation of a female spirit's presence and her connection to a station, possibly RAF Dumfries.

    • Affirmative responses to questions about a picture in the area and a picture of an infant.

    • Acknowledgement of being with the investigators in the Tower.

  2. Male Spirit Communication:

    • A male spirit confirmed his presence, indicating he died on site and was stationed at RAF Dumfries.

  3. Mixed Responses Indicating Various Entities:

    • Negative responses to inquiries about a male spirit being a pilot and about his happiness, suggesting a discontented presence.

    • Indications of a non-human entity, with a concerning affirmation of 'harm'.

  4. Specific Entity Identification:

    • Confirmation of a female spirit named Elizabeth and a relevant connection to 'chloroform'.

    • A child spirit's presence, living with a parent, and the unusual suggestion of a non-human or child entity.

    • A female spirit denying being a child, yet indicating a connection to a non-human directly associated with a child.

  5. Presence of Male Spirit:

    • Affirmative response identifying a male spirit, but denial of him being a pilot.

  6. Child and Non-Human Entities:

    • Indications of a child spirit and a non-human entity, with negations for 'imp' and 'demons', but confirmation of an 'elemental'.

    • Responses suggesting the entities are protective and frequent the area, including the airfield.

These responses provide a nuanced understanding of the various entities believed to inhabit RAF Dumfries Aviation Museum. The detailed nature of the questions and the specific responses captured point towards a complex spiritual landscape at the site. Further analysis and correlation with other findings from the investigation will be essential in forming a comprehensive understanding of the paranormal phenomena observed at the museum.

RAF Dumfries Gregs Session

Greg Stewart's Investigation Session - Ground Floor of the Control Tower

Eerie Footsteps and Shadowy Presence:

  • Auditory Phenomena: During the structured sessions, Greg Stewart and the participants experienced distinct sounds of footsteps approaching the room and above the unoccupied floor.

  • Concentrated Activity: A particular corner in the ground floor room drew significant attention. Multiple guests reported observing movement and shadow-like figures in this area, suggesting a focal point of paranormal activity.

Physical and Emotional Responses:

  • Sensations of Pain and Emotion: Some guests in this specific corner experienced physical pain across their chest. Others felt intense emotions ranging from despair and sorrow to anger, indicating a profound impact on the guests' sensations.

  • Perceived Spirit Presence: The general consensus among participants was the presence of a pilot's spirit, believed to have perished in a plane crash. This spirit was thought to be burdened with guilt over the loss of the crew.

Consistent Experiences Across Groups:

  • Similar Impressions in Multiple Sessions: Notably, guests in all three groups consistently felt similar emotions when in proximity to the same corner of the room.

  • Voices Heard: In addition to the physical and emotional sensations, voices were heard both during the initial walk around and in one of the structured sessions, lending credence to the theory of a spiritual presence in this particular area of the museum.

RAF Dumfries Paranormal Equipment

John and Tracey White's Technical Observations at RAF Dumfries

Challenges in Technical Setup and Operation:

  • DVR Camera Setup Issues: John and Tracey White, responsible for setting up and collecting data for the Scottish Paranormal team, faced significant challenges in getting the DVR camera operational in the tower. Despite multiple attempts with repeaters, aerials, and varied placements, the camera failed to function properly. This technical difficulty added weight to the EVP capture mentioning "camera," making it a notable point of interest.

  • Battery Drainage in Video Cameras: Tracey experienced unusual and substantial battery drainage in the video cameras she set up. Even after replacing batteries, the cameras were often found moved or turned off unexpectedly. This phenomenon will be closely monitored, and any findings of tampering or movement by individuals will be updated after a thorough review.

Considerations and Paranormal Implications:

  • Uncommon Battery Drainage: The type of battery drainage observed is uncommon under normal conditions, especially on mild nights like those experienced during the investigation. Such extensive drainage is rarely seen outside paranormal investigation settings.

  • Potential Paranormal Influence: The significant and unexplained battery drainage, coupled with the DVR camera issues, suggests a potential paranormal influence at work. These technical anomalies often correlate with high paranormal activity levels and are considered noteworthy in the context of this investigation.

  • Active Report Status: This report is considered active and will be updated as further analysis continues and new information surfaces. The ongoing investigation aims to deepen our understanding of the paranormal activities at RAF Dumfries Aviation Museum.

Ryan O'Neill

The investigation at Dumfries Aviation Museum proved to be a fascinating venture, offering insights into an increasing number of witness reports emerging from the area. At Scottish Paranormal and Haunted Scotland Investigates, our approach to this investigation, as with all others, was to employ a broad spectrum of techniques, aligning seamlessly with our established protocols.

In our pursuit of rigorous and credible paranormal research, we place a strong emphasis on the thorough testing and utilisation of various devices. A prime example is our extensive experimentation with the Panasonic DR60 recorder. This device has undergone rigorous trials under varied conditions to eliminate any possibilities of interference from stray radio waves or the recorder's internal mechanisms. We are acutely aware of the pitfalls of confirmation bias and auditory pareidolia, ensuring that our conclusions are based on solid, unbiased evidence.

Adhering to the wisdom of Albert Einstein, we firmly believe that "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." This philosophy underpins our commitment to using only the devices and methods we fully understand, trust and have used. We meticulously test each piece of equipment used in evidence gathering, particularly when it comes to writing about specific methodologies, techniques, or tools integral to our investigative protocols.

As an organisation deeply committed to the pursuit of truth through investigation, we rely exclusively on information and data that we have personally gathered and verified. This commitment to authenticity and accuracy is the cornerstone of our work at Scottish Paranormal and Haunted Scotland Investigates, ensuring that our findings and contributions to the field of paranormal research are both reliable and valuable.

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