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Beneath the Shadow of Gallows Green: Echoes of the Past at Deerpark School (Coláiste Éamann Rís)

Deerpark School Ghost

In the heart of Cork, just a minute's drive and a short walk from our Investigation location lies a place steeped in history and shrouded in mystery—Gallows Green. A site once resonant with the clang of the executioner's bell, it's where the air was thick with despair, as men, women, and even children met their tragic fates. This was not just a place of execution but of spectacle, where the condemned were displayed as warnings, their agony a public lesson in obedience and fear.

The land, soaked in the blood and tears of the past, whispers tales of suffering and injustice. Among these are stories of women, wrongfully accused or trapped in the merciless gears of a patriarchal society, who met their end in flames for 'petit treason.' Their cries, it is said, melded with the howling winds, leaving an indelible mark on the psyche of the city.

Deerpark School Gallows

In its casting shadow, Coláiste Éamann Rís, previously known as Deerpark School, stands on St Patrick's walk —a stone's throw from the echoes of Gallows Green. In 2017, this school vaulted into the international spotlight, courtesy of security footage that seemingly captured poltergeist-like phenomena.

This footage, stirring a whirlwind of speculation, drew both fervent believers and staunch sceptics, each weaving their own hypotheses, theories and refutations.

Eager to unearth the truth behind these spectral claims, I embarked on a journey into the heart of this mystery. Prior to the official commencement of our investigation, I was drawn to the epicentre of the activity that had captivated millions online. My mission: to dissect theories, challenge assumptions, and uncover the raw truth veiled beneath layers of conjecture.

Deerpark School Polterfiest Activity Area

The first myth dismantled was the idea that someone could have been manipulating the locker from outside. The impossibility of this theory became evident upon realising the activity occurred on an upper floor, inaccessible from the outside without conspicuous aids like ladders and torches, especially under the cloak of night. Such debunking theories, it seemed, were crafted from afar, divorced from the reality of the school's architecture.

Similarly, the notion that a strategically placed camera was responsible for the eerie footage crumbled under scrutiny. Contrary to claims of singular CCTV coverage, the school bristled with multiple cameras, each surveying its own slice of the corridors. My own footage, mirroring that of the viral video, confirmed this multiplicity, lending further credence to the authenticity of the original recording.

Deerpark School CCTV

Each element of the purported paranormal activity withstood rigorous testing. Doors that slammed shut revealed no hidden mechanisms of deceit. The ceiling offered no sanctuary for strings or ropes that could have orchestrated the movement of chairs. It was an area devoid of trickery, a scene that defied simple explanations.

The investigation, extending over 48 hours and culminating in a 45-minute episode, was a mere glimpse into a deeper, more profound experience. Unseen by viewers were additional direct encounters with the unexplainable—unaccounted movements, chairs shifting in empty rooms, and environmental meters reacting to unseen forces. Malfunction of equipment used by cast and crew was rife, even having to go to mobile devices at times so we missed no action!

Evelyn, too, delved deep into the heart of these mysteries, meticulously examining every angle for potential fraud. Our collective efforts to unveil any student-led deception proved fruitless. If this was a ruse, it was one executed with such mastery that it duped sceptics and enthusiasts alike. No confession or credit-seeking emerged, even years after the event, adding layers to the enigma.

Chris Fleming at Deerpark School

Chris, a vital team member, delved deep into the investigation with us. He meticulously examined every potential angle and theory, piecing together possible scenarios while listening to CCTV audio. With a keen eye for detail, he scrutinised every nuance of additional physical evidence, determined to uncover any attempts to deceive us. Chris is a highly capable paranormal investigator and will not hesitate to call out anything he feels is amiss. This is a part that most people do not get to see within the broadcasted time frames.

But the journey didn't end there. A mere minute's drive away, the old school stood, resting atop the historical Gallows Green. Unfortunately, Chris and I were unable to share our brief encounter and investigation with you. Due to time constraints and a busy Investigation, it never made the final edit; however, I have some intriguing content to offer our followers.

Deerpark School Analysis

This exclusive footage, which is concealed from the public and only available to our premium members, showcases some equally remarkable phenomena. It is a testament to our unwavering pursuit of answers that drives our work. We will strive to release this material in the near future.

What haunts Coláiste Éamann Rís? Is it a poltergeist, a lingering echo of the past, or something else entirely? Only time will reveal the truth behind these spectral happenings. For now, the school remains a beacon, challenging our perception of reality and inspiring a relentless pursuit of the unknown. This season finale offered but a glimpse into this enigmatic world, a world that continues to captivate and inspire in equal measure.

The final question now is - Do you want to see Spooked investigate a new country? Let us know!

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