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Barnbougle Castle

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Welcome to Barnbougle Castle, an enigmatic thirteenth-century tower house nestled on the south shore of the Firth of Forth, in the captivating region of West Lothian, Scotland. Owning a rich history dating back to the Norman era, this castle is shrouded in haunting legends and eerie tales, particularly concerning the apparition of a black man and his faithful hound, whose bugle notes foretell the fate of its lords. A History of Mysteries: Constructed in the thirteenth century, Barnbougle Castle's origins are linked to the Norman figure, Philip Mowbray. By 1615, it passed into the hands of the Hamiltons of Haddington, and later, in 1662, it became the property of the Primroses of Rosebery. While much of the current structure dates to the seventeenth century, the castle endured a period of ruin during the nineteenth century. The Roseberys had abandoned it in 1817 in favor of the newly built Dalmeny House. During this time, Barnbougle became a storage site for explosives and suffered near-demolition from an explosion. Thankfully, it was rebuilt in 1880, preserving its storied past. The Legend of Hound Point: One of the most chilling legends associated with Barnbougle Castle revolves around Hound Point. According to the eerie tale, whenever the death of a lord is imminent, a haunting figure emerges upon the point—a black man with a hound by his side. With solemn bugle sounds, he announces the impending demise of the baron. This spectral manifestation has long sent shivers down the spines of those connected to the castle. An Ode to the Haunting: In William Wallace Fyfe's work, "Summer Life on Land and Water at South Queensferry," the legend of the Hound Point of Barnbougle is poetically documented. The verse captures the chilling encounter between the Templar knight, Sir Roger, and the apparition of the darksome Paynim figure, accompanied by a mysterious hound, both weaving the mournful death-wail on the midnight blast. Embrace the Legends: As you delve into the mysteries of Barnbougle Castle, you'll be transported to a realm of spectral bugles, haunting apparitions, and enigmatic tales. Join us on a journey through the chilling lore that surrounds this historic castle, where legends come to life, and the past whispers its secrets through the ages. Back To Haunted Scottish Castles

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