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We Returned To Castle Menzies! IT'S ACTIVE!

Returned to Castle Menzies Report

Today, we take you to the eerie corridors of Castle Menzies, a site that has captivated us from our initial visit to the filming of 'Spooked Scotland' on Discovery Channel. During our encounters, we experienced unexplained phenomena, including sudden energy drains and the mysterious fall of our colleague, Chris Fleming. The haunting voice of a female spirit echoed through the castle, adding to the mystique.

On one occasion, Greg Stewart was greeted by an unexplained female voice in the green room, despite no women being present at the time. Footsteps stopping abruptly near the chief's bedroom and various ghostly apparitions have been common during our visits.

Returned To Castle Menzies Above

We returned to Castle Menzies, a place steeped in history and paranormal activity. Over the years, we've documented numerous ghostly encounters, from the Grey Lady in the meat cellar to the sinister forces felt throughout the castle. Our investigations have been supported by various tools, including the EDI+ and REM-Pod, which help us monitor environmental changes and validate paranormal activity.

Join us as we delve deeper into the haunting mysteries of Castle Menzies. For detailed findings and exclusive content, join our membership.

Detailed Findings (Available to Members):

  • Historical Background: Discover the castle's rich history, including its role in the Jacobite risings and its architectural evolution.

  • Paranormal Encounters: In-depth accounts of ghostly sightings, disembodied voices, and unexplained phenomena.

  • Investigation Tools: Detailed explanations of the EDI+ and REM-Pod tools used during our investigations, including data logs and analysis.

  • Exclusive Audio and Video: Access to recordings of EVP sessions, footage of paranormal activity, and expert analysis.

For the full investigation report and exclusive content, become a member today!

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