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Unveiling Torwood Castle: A Haunted Historical Gem in Haunted Scotland

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Torwood Castle is a partially ruined 16th-century castle near the village of Torwood, in central Scotland. It’s a Category A listed building and has been since 1979. 

Sir Alexander Forrester is said to be the castle’s original owner before it passed to the Baillie Clan in the early 16th century. However, it would return to the mighty Forresters in 1635 through George, 1st Lord Forrester.

The Restoration Journey of Torwood Castle

In 1957, Torwood Castle found a passionate guardian in Gordon Millar, who embarked on a journey of restoration. Despite the challenges, Gordon and his dedicated friends tirelessly worked to stabilize the castle's stonework, preserving its architectural splendour. To ensure the legacy of Torwood Castle, Gordon established the Torwood Castle Trust, which continued his half-century endeavour.

However, in 2015, the trust ceased operations, leaving the castle's future uncertain. Taking the reins from the trust, Gary Grant, a close friend of Gordon, assumed the responsibility of preserving Torwood Castle. Since 2018, Gary has resided within the castle's walls, continuing the restoration efforts and breathing new life into this historical gem.

Captivating Paranormal Activity at Torwood Castle

Alongside its captivating history, Torwood Castle has gained renown for its paranormal activity. Numerous reports from online and offline sources attest to the eerie occurrences experienced within its ancient walls. Visitors have captured photographs revealing ghostly shadows and figures, adding to the mystique surrounding the castle. Urban explorers, prior to Gary's restoration efforts, have recounted hearing unexplained footsteps emanating from the upper levels, only to find no physical presence upon investigation. Notably, the lower corridor of Torwood Castle has become a hotspot for paranormal activity, with environmental equipment detecting sudden atmospheric fluctuations. Meticulous paranormal investigations, including audio sessions and comprehensive analysis, have unveiled intriguing results within the castle's haunted halls.

Witness the Spirit Communication at Torwood Castle

We invite you to watch the video below, featuring some of the most compelling Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) results captured during live sessions on-site. Witness the transparent exploration of Torwood Castle's paranormal phenomena and delve into the fascinating world of spirit communication.

Unlocking the Secrets of Torwood Castle

Torwood Castle, with its centuries-old walls steeped in history, has become a focal point for paranormal investigations and captivating discoveries. Renowned paranormal investigators Ryan O'Neill, Chris Fleming, and Gail Porter, along with esteemed parapsychologist Evelyn Hollow, embarked on an extraordinary journey to unlock the secrets of this mysterious site as part of their succesful series, Spooked Scotland, featured on Discovery+.


Echoes of Scotland's Legendary Heroes

During their investigation, the team delved into the depths of Torwood Castle, where the echoes of Scotland's legendary heroes still resonate. The likes of William Wallace, The Black Douglas, and Robert The Bruce would have traversed the lands surrounding the castle, leaving an indelible mark on the region's historical landscape. As the team explored, they couldn't help but wonder if the spirits of these iconic figures still lingered within the castle's ancient walls, watching over the land they once fought for.

Extensive Investigations by Scottish Paranormal

Scottish Paranormal, led by investigators Ryan O'Neill and Greg Stewart, and the amazing team of Lee Dunn, Louise Walker, Lisa Sproat, John White, Tracey White, Kyle Stewart and Jonathan Garaway, to name a few, has undertaken extensive investigations at Torwood Castle. Their unwavering commitment and passion for the paranormal field have propelled them to conduct numerous in-depth research sessions, events, live streams, and independent studies within the castle's atmospheric surroundings. Their collective efforts have yielded significant findings, capturing compelling evidence and documenting chilling encounters that continue to intrigue and captivate both paranormal enthusiasts and the general public alike.

Exciting Projects on the Horizon

Scottish Paranormal is planning exciting and in-depth projects for 2024 and beyond. These projects will enable you to engage more deeply in our research and participate interactively. Stay tuned for updates as we delve further into the mysteries of Torwood Castle and expand our understanding of the supernatural world.

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  5. Evidence Clips From LIVES If you wish to explore more videos, images, audio analysis, and captivating content from our investigations at the Castle, we invite you to join our vibrant social media community. By connecting with us on our social media pages, you'll gain exclusive access to a wealth of intriguing paranormal content, including behind-the-scenes footage, in-depth analysis, and updates on our ongoing research. Join us today and be part of the conversation as we delve further into the mysteries of Torwood Castle and share our captivating discoveries with fellow paranormal enthusiasts.

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