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Unveiling Ghostly Secrets: Leap Castle & Kinnitty Castle Paranormal Investigation | Spooked Ireland

Leap Castle Dark Entity

Venturing into the shadowy corridors of Leap Castle and then Kinnitty Castle, our Spooked Ireland team embarked on one of their most eerie investigations to date. The stories and events that unfolded within these ancient walls will leave you with chills running down your spine.

As we set foot in the notorious Leap Castle, a place I've explored before, memories of past research came flooding back. However, Kinnitty Castle, with its majestic architecture and sinister tales, was a surreal first-time experience.

It's vital to note that what viewers experience on their screens is the culmination of exhaustive research and prolonged investigations. Our work is brought to life by the remarkable team at TERN TV, but the backbone of every episode involves meticulous research, numerous investigation sessions, insightful mediumship, and a logical analysis spearheaded by the esteemed Dr. Evelyn Hollow. Vogue Williams' dedicated research and Chris Fleming's unparalleled expertise in such investigations guide us towards unveiling the truths that lurk in the shadows.

Chris Fleming Leap Castle

During our walk around Leap Castle, Chris's gaze seemed distant and glazed, particularly when I shared some previously known phenomena. It was an evident shift, heightened by mysterious footsteps echoing from the seemingly empty castle corridors. The only way to those echoing footsteps was past us, up a spiral staircase, leading to the haunting 'Bloody Chapel.' It sent chills down our spines, knowing no crew members were inside the castle. Chris clearly had felt the presense in advance!

Capturing DR60 audio recordings was an eerie highlight. The whispers of "right" and "it", and the chilling mention of a "Dark Entity", were enough to make anyone's blood run cold. And just when we thought things couldn't get any more intense, the paranormal activity escalated. The sinister latch movement, the overwhelming presence in the Bloody Chapel, the chilling hisses, and the terrifying account of an attack on Paranormal Investigator Dustin Pari were moments that will remain etched in our minds forever.

Castle Wardrope

Kinnitty Castle, in its grandeur, wasn't any less spine-chilling. The haunted room we stepped into held mysteries of its own. A wardrobe door, which couldn't have opened on its own, swung wide, and inexplicable knocks from within the castle had us on our toes. The intricacies of our investigation, which unfortunately couldn't make it to the episode, are waiting to be unveiled for our subscribers. These revelations are bound to leave you awestruck. What about the chandelier? And then the wardrobe door? I was in utter shock. As you can see, I thoroughly checked for natural causes.

Leap Castle Bloody Chapel

In Leap Castle, the Pit Prison investigation, with its stifling atmosphere and inexplicable EVP recordings, was riveting, and well done Vogue for facing her fear. The eerie activity around the Rempod and the Structured Light Sensor application was both baffling and intriguing. We did ask for rempod activity to rule out false mapping of the window and we got it!!

The crescendo of our investigation was the final session - a whirlwind of paranormal activities that left even seasoned investigators like us flabbergasted. From equipment malfunctions to uncanny feelings and inexplicable sounds, this session had it all.

TERN TV's presentation of our investigation was exceptional. Yet, there's a plethora of evidence, insights, and spine-chilling moments that still remain unseen. Our vaults at Haunted Scotland & Scottish Paranormal hold these secrets, waiting to be shared.

As always, our teams mission at Spooked Ireland is to present genuine, unfiltered experiences from our investigations. This episode, with its intense moments and revelations, is a testament to our dedication to the whole paranormal community. We might not showcase every intricate detail of our 24-hour investigations, but the essence of our rigorous background work and unwavering commitment shines through.

Till next time, Stay Spooked!

Spooked Ireland Leap Castle

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