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Unbound Spirits: Chris Fleming's Unfiltered Journey Through Paranormal Realms on TV

Chris Fleming

In the mystical dance between the seen and unseen, Chris Fleming, a revered international medium and paranormal investigator, navigates the delicate balance of honouring his spiritual purpose while under the ever-watchful eye of the television camera. With a career spanning over two decades, Chris brings us into his world where the veil thins, and spirits speak—a journey not without its challenges, yet rich with unearthly rewards. Here, he shares his profound insights and the unvarnished truth about what it means to connect with the other side, on screen and beyond.

I've regularly asked Chris, a friend & colleague, about his experiences and the challenges of balancing his TV work with his spiritual purpose. He has kindly shared some insights with us all, and there will be more to come in his upcoming book.

Chris Fleming with Ryan O'Neill & Vogue Williams

The Freedom to Explore

I can only answer this from my perspective. Still, I am sure many other psychics, mediums and sensitives would agree when it comes to being filmed.

To be my best, I need space and freedom to go where I need to go. "Being" allowed to go where I am led to—by spirit and changes I feel.

Spirit in the location, that lived and died there, and by the spirit that knows what my intent and purpose are in establishing contact and communication. That is what I love about working with certain production companies, past series, and various paranormal colleagues who allow me to do my thing with no interruptions. They trusted in my abilities, my lifelong experience, and my knowledge of the supernatural.

It was/is always simple. When they say, "You take us where you are led; we will follow you!" No interruptions, no being told I can't go here or there. No being told you can't use your recorder; no being told we don't want you to bring up this or that; and so on. When it comes to being your best, connection with spirit has no restrictions.

Chris Fleming Paranormal

Navigating Restrictions

Higher awareness and higher consciousness are not limited to someone else's paradigm, narrative, or lack of understanding. The truth is all around us in the aether as our thoughts, both past and present, flow like water. It is that that we can connect with. The problem arises when someone else prevents you from accessing that or attempts to persuade you otherwise to what 'they' selfishly want, not what you feel, sense, or see.

Because spirits and entities tend to sometimes hide. They won't come to you. You have to seek them out using your sixth sense. That is what I truly loved about working on Portals to Hell, Help My House is Haunted, Ghost Adventures, Dead Famous, and Psychic Kids.

As well as Ghost Hunters, although back in 2007 they didn't want me to use any of my mediumship, which we agreed to, however, they did let me lead and take them where I was pulled to go. You can see in the Manson murders episode that I was communicating with spirit while they held the devices to register the changes when I asked.

I loved that investigation and the opportunity they gave me to be me, as it ended up happening anyway (spirit communication) due to the responses we were getting. The location, known as the Oman House, was remarkable, and I did go back there on three other occasions myself to investigate and with other investigators.

Chris Fleming Spooked Scotland

What I am saying is that, as a paranormal investigator and a medium, I am best when there are no restrictions. When I can be myself. When I can lead and allow my 50 years of first-hand experience and knowledge of the spirit world to guide me, that is when I am at my best and in my GO zone.

I hate it more than anything when someone doesn't respect or understand how I work. I also like to work with another investigator, having them by my side, using their expertise to capture, document and validate what I am getting through various forms of equipment, namely through ITC.

If you can hear what I sense and hear, then all the better.

It is beyond frustrating when a director or producer will not allow me to follow my sixth sense. When I am restricted. Not allow me to be me and follow truth and spirit. It is impossible to be my best when this happens.

What do I mean?

Well, such as not allowing me to venture into another room or chase spirit through walls. As they tend to move, I want to follow. When I am told or not allowed to use certain equipment, I feel it is necessary to capture and validate what is there, as well as not discuss shocking evidence in the case or cut me off during my connection with spirit because it doesn't fit their narrative.

How can anyone be their best with these on-the-spot stipulations? How can anyone limit this when the paranormal field is all about finding answers to an afterlife and documenting the evidence to support it?

Chris Fleming Paranormal Visionary

The Quest for Authenticity:

Paranormal TV "is" the adventure of, and should be, successfully doing that.

There have only been a couple in my 24 years of paranormal TV that have attempted to do this to me. To restrict what I do best. Most directors and producers of TV shows have been remarkable, and I am eternally grateful to them for the opportunity they gave me. Some of them I still keep in touch with today. They get it, and we respect each other for the discoveries in the paranormal we shared together. Respect goes both ways, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

The paranormal is very meaningful to me and it can be easily ruined by some. I can go really deep into this, so instead of going on and on about it, I plan to write about this more in my book, as this is something that needs to be discussed, and it will be my turn to present how this greatly impacts not only the spirit world and my own spiritual growth but also, more importantly, the spiritual evolution of those in this world seeking answers and further spiritual development.

We need truth and more understanding of who we are and the spirit world in this era we are in. There is too much confusion and manipulation in society and around the world on social media, on political platforms, and in the news. We need to get back to who we are and what matters in this world and the next.

Even if we have to ruffle a few feathers along the way.

Chris Fleming Spooked Ireland

Chris Fleming's journey is a testament to the power of intuition, the importance of respecting the unseen, and the transformative potential of genuine, unscripted encounters with the spirit world. As we anticipate his deeper explorations in his forthcoming book, we're reminded of the vast, uncharted realms that await us—just beyond the veil.

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