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The Secret Hauntings Of Balintore Castle

Hauntings Of Balintore Castle

A child's laughter, fleeting and ethereal, catches your ear, a sound out of place in the silence of this stunning building. Turning, you catch a glimpse of a figure, a boy dressed in clothes that speak of another age, his eyes holding a sadness that reaches into your very soul. But as quickly as he appears, he vanishes, leaving you questioning if what you saw was ever truly there.

As night fully claims the castle, you feel an overwhelming presence, a weight of unspoken tales and restless spirits. The air is perfumed with a scent that belongs to no one, yet fills the space with a familiarity that tugs at the edge of memory.....

Hauntings Of Balintore Castle Mirror

In the shadowed reaches of Angus, Scotland, where the wild grouse moor stretches untamed and boundless, lies Balintore Castle. A structure cloaked in mystery and draped in the eerie silence of the forgotten, it stands as a testament to tales untold, spirits unrested.

Let us wander through its embrace, where the past whispers with the chill of the unseen.

The castle's halls whisper tales of spectral residents, among them a young boy, whose tragic murder within the castle's outbuildings has become the stuff of legend. Despite the lack of archival evidence, the story persists, fueled by accounts of unexplained terror and an oppressive sense of dread experienced by those who wander too close.

Hauntings Of Balintore Castle River

Notable among these accounts is that of Mabel, Countess of Airlie, whose encounter along the banks of the river in 1921 paints a chilling picture of the fear that can grip even the most formidable of spirits.

Walking on the banks of the river with her loyal dog, She suddenly felt a chill down her spine. Her dog stopped abruptly, trembling with fear, and she couldn't make sense of what was happening. Suddenly, an overwhelming sense of terror took over her, and she blacked out.

When she came to her senses, she found herself dishevelled and stumbling up a bank towards the castle, with only a vague memory of what had happened. It wasn't until later that she learned that some of her fellow guests had experienced similar unexplainable events, including Princess Mary, daughter of Queen Mary, and wife of King George V. The princess was so shaken by her experience that she couldn't speak for several days.

Hauntings Of Balintore Castle Boy

Simon Marsden, the English author, even had a potential sighting of the ghostly boy from his car at the gates, which suggests that the castle and its grounds are indeed active and imbued with emotions that transcend time and understanding.

Simon Said, "As I went back down the driveway, I was thinking about writing to the county library in the hope of learning more about the house when I noticed a small boy, about ten years old, standing near the gates on the opposite side of the road. I smiled at him but he didn't smile back. He appeared to be very sad, with a faraway expression on his face. He was dressed like a gypsy and as I turned the car to drive away I felt that something was wrong. I had driven some thirty yards down the road when I looked in my rear-view mirror: he had gone"

Hauntings Of Balintore Castle Lady perfume

The mystery deepens with the tale of Lady Langman, a former resident whose presence is said to linger in the form of a distinctive perfume, detected first on the exact day of her death in South Africa. This poignant story raises the question of whether her spirit continues to roam the castle she adored, leaving behind this signature as a testament to her enduring connection to Balintore.

Louise Walker, a Scottish Paranormal Medium, has visited this location twice and has tuned into the spirits who still roam these corridors. She has sensed Lady Langman, the little boy, and a servant girl dressed in light blue. Although nothing malevolent is present, energies are still walking these lands, perhaps intrigued and empowered by the energies of the renovations.

Hauntings Of Balintore Castle Servant

Balintore Castle, with its haunting beauty and spectral residents, stands as a monument to the past, its stories etched in stone and spirit. As you leave, the echo of your footsteps a companion in the solitude, you carry with you the tales of the unseen, the whispers of the wind, and the haunting allure of a castle caught between worlds.

This, dear reader, is but a glimpse into the soul of Balintore Castle, a place where history and hauntings intertwine, inviting those who dare to uncover its secrets. For more tales of the spectral and the historical, where the past comes alive with a ghostly whisper, venture further into the shadows at

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