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The Hidden World of Paranormal TV: What You Don't See Behind Every Spooky Episode!

Grasping the sheer scale of behind-the-scenes work in countless TV shows across varied genres is not straightforward. The television marvels we enjoy so effortlessly, in fact, are the culmination of numerous hours poured in by writers, cast, and crew. They painstakingly piece together the vast jigsaw of content we absorb from our sofas.

Most of us, including myself, simply select our preferred entertainment, immersing ourselves in unfolding storylines or diverse presentations, seldom pausing to reflect on the mammoth operations behind them.

The realm of the paranormal stands as a testament to this. Time and again, we've been introduced to shows that transport us to mysterious locales, unveiling investigations, observations, or specific methods they aim to spotlight for the curious audience. But do we see the full case investigationm.....

However, what consistently remains consistent across these explorations is this: the snippets we view on paranormal TV shows represent but a fraction of the exhaustive work undertaken. Displaying every intricate detail and moment of a paranormal Investigation isn't feasible.

Our field thrives on a spectrum of theories, from spiritually inclined to the staunchly sceptical. Techniques vary, equipment evolves, and pioneering tests aim to bridge communication with an area still shrouded in uncertainty.

Considering this vastness, pleasing everyone becomes a herculean task. Hardcore investigators might yearn for comprehensive studies, meticulous data analyses, stringent protocols, and undisturbed, extensive onsite research. Conversely, the general audience craves the essence. They seek distilled results of intensive efforts, unburdened by the overwhelming volume of data that researchers thrive on.

It's imperative to highlight a simple truth, one I've discerned from countless on-location experiences with ever-present cameras: what the audience sees isn't the complete investigation journey. Such cases - even for TV - demand meticulous planning: historical data accumulation, verifying ghost tales and eyewitness accounts, and Initial site visits, followed by the primary on-location research, all underpinned by substantial preparatory administration.

Data collection is also multifaceted. It encompasses preliminary sweeps for baseline information, equipment placement based on reports to replicate and verify claims, and dedicated vigils employing varied experimental techniques – from audio recording to software-graphed environmental factors.

Furthermore, systematic checks are made to evaluate collected data – be it environmental readings, DVR recordings, audio captures for potential voices, or anomalies detected by devices like footstep trackers and Rempods, tailored to each unique location.

Each case and site demands a bespoke approach anchored in thorough planning but agile enough to pivot based on unexpected developments. Most of this, understandably, doesn't make it to a 60-minute episode. Yet, it shapes the captivating narrative presented by production teams across the globe

Many passionate individuals within the paranormal community may critique specific shows based on an episode's content. While respect is due to these stalwarts, it's vital to remember they're witnessing only a fragment of a grander endeavour.

With over two decades of experience, I have honed and perfected protocols for my organisation that govern every aspect of our work, including onsite conduct, data recording, and equipment usage. Though the complexity of these protocols may not be immediately apparent to the viewers, they are in place and running during each case. It's why I and many other serious investigators have agreed to work these cases or been sought out by TV companies to begin with.

Dismissing the hard work of dedicated investigators - who remember are first and foremost members of the Paranormal Community too - as mere entertainment value actors or even hungry for some fame or fortune undermines the sincerity and commitment they bring to every investigation both on screen or in their private cases.

I have the privilege of being acquainted with numerous devoted individuals who breathe life into the realm of the paranormal. Their roles span from seasoned investigators to eager enthusiasts. Many have ventured onto our screens, aiming to heighten the standard of investigative techniques and the quality of the evidence presented. It's disconcerting to see some peers too hastily critique the work based solely on what's presented on screen. That one-hour episode is but a sliver of their comprehensive efforts moulded into the grand narrative of particular cases.


a person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area. - Oxford Dictionary

The Oxford Dictionary defines an expert as someone endowed with extensive knowledge or skill in a specific domain. Many of our colleagues who also appear on TV are experts, encompassing fields from Parapsychology to Audio Engineering and from History to Photography, bringing a wealth of experience. With years, sometimes decades, behind them, they remain stalwarts in paranormal investigations and within our field of study.

In every niche of our community, there exists a mosaic of specialists, both in the spotlight and behind the scenes. Many choose the quiet path, immersing themselves in undistracted research and serving as the bedrock of our field. Their readiness to share expertise is commendable; that's a narrative for another day.

Perspective plays a pivotal role in our understanding. Echoing Einstein's sentiment, "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance," I too anchor my research and judgments in this principle, delving beyond the apparent to grasp the profound nuances beneath.

In Conclusion:

Dear readers, every story, every investigation, and every presentation is like a vast puzzle. Each piece, each step taken by these experts, contributes to the greater image. The next time you find yourself engrossed in a paranormal episode, pause to appreciate the layers. Revel in the commitment, the zeal, and the expertise that mould the final product. The allure of the paranormal isn't merely in the conclusions drawn, but in the exhilarating journey leading to them. Here's to the spirit of discovery, the wonders of the unknown, and the passionate individuals who guide us through it, see and unseen. Cheers to the unsung heroes behind the mysteries and to the unending quest for knowledge!


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