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Secrets of Ardgillan Castle Unveiled: Unearth the Haunting Tale of the Lady's Stairs!

Ardgillan Castle Ghost

Perched majestically near Balbriggan, County Dublin, Ardgillan Castle stands as a sentinel to history, its shadow stretching across 200 acres of the verdant Ardgillan Demesne. This castle, with its castellated touches, gazes solemnly over the Irish Sea, a silent witness to the ebb and flow of tides and times.

The Castle's Timeless Tale

Built by Reverend Robert Taylor in 1738, Ardgillan Castle has been a beacon of grandeur, bearing the marks of its noble heritage while opening its doors to reveal a bygone era to visitors. Its two-storey structure, along with a basement sprawling beneath the lush south lawns, once bustled with life where now only echoes remain. The west and east wings, which housed the servants and estate offices, now stand restored, inviting curious eyes to wander through history.

The Demesne's Diverse Delights

The Demesne itself is like a beautiful painting, with natural beauty woven into its very fabric. There are sprawling woodlands and vast grassy areas, all interwoven with a charming walled herb garden, a stunning Victorian conservatory, and an old-fashioned ice house. The pastimes of yore are brought to life for visitors who meander through the rose garden, basking in the tranquillity of its blooms.

Ryan O'Neill Spooked Ireland at Ardgillan Castle

An Abode of Activities and Echoes of Concerts

Ardgillan Castle is not just a relic of history but a vibrant centre for activities. The ground floor and kitchens, once bustling with domestic life, now host guided tours. Classrooms and exhibition spaces, adorned with maps and texts, invite the eager learner, while tea rooms offer a warm respite for the weary.

Once, the estate's verdant grounds thrummed with the rhythms of open-air concerts, reverberating with the sounds of iconic artists. Though silent now, the echoes of music linger, waiting perhaps for the day when melodies will once again sweep across the open air.

A Canine Café and the Brush of History

The former gardener's cottage, transformed into Paws at Ardgillan, once offered a rare refuge where dog walkers could dine with their furry companions—a trailblazing initiative within a municipal park in Ireland.

Ardgillan Castle

The Ghost of "The Lady's Stairs"

Beyond its tangible beauty, Ardgillan is cloaked in the spectral mystery of "The Lady's Stairs." Local lore whispers of a grief-stricken ghost, a woman eternally awaiting her husband's return from the sea. On Halloween's stroke of midnight, it is said she emerges, shrouded in despair and clad in her wedding gown, to cast the unwary to a watery demise.

The sorrow of Lady Langford, who met her tragic end in the unforgiving November waters, is said to haunt the very bridge where she once waited in vain. Her husband, Lord Langford, shortly followed her in death, their love story eternally etched into the castle's stone.

Join the 'Spooked Ireland' Team This Friday

This Friday, journey with the 'Spooked Ireland' team as we uncover the layers of Ardgillan Castle's storied past. From the depths of its historical roots to the chilling tales of the supernatural, we peel back the veil of the present to gaze into the soul of this noble estate.

Tune in at 9 p.m. on the Really Channel, or stream the revelations on Discovery+. Discover what secrets lay within the walls of Ardgillan Castle, where history and haunting converge.

Spooked Ireland Ardgillan Castle

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