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Premium Content: EVP Captures via DR60 - Kenmure Castle

Kenmure Castle Ghost

Amidst the crumbling ruins of Kenmure Castle, where history whispers through the decaying arches, a spectral figure roams whose presence is as chilling as the mist that clings to the historic ruins of this once grand fortress. 

The Haunting Of Kenmure Castle

The ghost of a headless piper, a haunting relic of the castle's colourful past, weaves through the corridors and hidden tunnels beneath the fortress. His mournful tunes echo off the walls, a sound unbound by the head that once bore his eyes.

Kenmure Castle Haunted

During our research, we unearthed the potential for more than one spiritual presence at the location. On Monday, June 10th, 2024, our team visited the site without Greg Stewart, who was unavailable. In a twist of the unexpected, we captured a male presence on audio, something quite unsettling.

We recorded a live stream at Haunted Scotland, during which we asked the alleged spirits at Kenmure Castle for their names. After analysis, we heard an unknown shout followed by "Lee, I Challenge Ye."

Lee Dunn, a spiritual medium who was present with the team in the vaulted area, had previously experienced contact with the spirits at Kenmure Castle. It's possible that the spirit sensed Lee and Louise's ability to communicate with them.

This was Lee Dunn's second visit to the location, and it seems that the spirits may have issued a challenge during our investigation.

We visited this castle recently and you can watch The Haunting Of Kenmure Castle Visit One on the Haunted Scotland page.

ghost of Kenmure Castle

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