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Investigator Event: Bannockburn House 24th February 2024

Updated: Feb 29

Bannockburn House Investigation

Investigation Report: Bannockburn House - 24th February 2024


  • Location: Bannockburn House, Scotland

  • Conditions: Full moon, dry, and cold

  • Teams: 4 teams, 6 members each


  • 9:00 PM: Introduction

  • 9:30 PM: Session 1

  • 10:15 PM: Briefing

  • 10:35 PM: Session 2

  • 11:20 PM: Briefing

  • 11:40 PM: Session 3

  • 12:25 AM: Briefing

  • 12:45 AM: Session 4

  • 01:30 AM: Final Briefing

Team Composition

  • Group 1: Shelley, Mark, Arlene McG (x2), Claire, Ashley

  • Group 2: Scott, Daniel, Pauline, S Wallace (x3) Jade

  • Group 3: Carole, Bonnie, Trisha, Leanne, Gillian B

  • Group 4: Sam, Stewart, Sharron A, Kat, Jenny A


  • MOBILE DATA & INTUITIVE IMPRESSIONS: Lisa Sproat (DR60) Louise Walker (SP)

  • DATA COLLECTION: Tracey White (Camcorder, Audio & REM)

Session Summaries

9:00 PM: Introduction

The evening began with an introduction and safety briefing, setting the stage for the night's paranormal investigation under the full moon's influence.

9:30 PM: Session 1

Group 4: Mable's Flat
  • DR60 EVP Captures: "I see Them," "In The Blue Room," "What Is That," and "Away Fae The Windae" in the kitchen.

Group 3: The Burnt Room
  • EVP Captures: "Run Away," "No, you're fine," and the name "Jim" in the Wilson Wing corridor.

10:15 PM: Briefing

Discussion of the significant EVP captures from Session 1, with plans to further investigate the mentioned areas.

10:35 PM: Session 2

All Groups: Soldier Connection via ITC Devices
  • Findings: References to a soldier, a sword, and the Battle of Bannockburn, suggesting historical ties to the nearby battlefield.

  • Names like "Charles," "Agatha," "Moore," and "Evelyn" alongside phrases like "Army" and "I died in a sword fight" correlate with the historical context of battles and personal histories.

11:20 PM: Briefing

The focus was on the soldier connection revealed by ITC devices, contemplating the historical significance and planning further explorations.

11:40 PM: Session 3

All Groups: Footsteps and ITC Names
  • Findings: Reports of unexplained footsteps throughout the house and the repeated identification of the name "Jim" via ITC devices.

  • Please note the name Jim could also refer to a staff member. 

Blue Room
  • Communications including "Saw Torture," "Paranormal," "Mabel," "Fortune," and "Judas Cradle" are particularly intriguing, potentially relating to the site's darker past and specific individuals.

12:25 AM: Briefing

Review of the auditory phenomena and the strategic approach for the final session, considering the repeated communication attempts from entities like "Jim." or knowing Jim.

12:45 AM: Session 4

  • The repetition of phrases such as "I don’t mind speaking" and names like "Raymond," "Arthur," and "Godfrey," alongside "The lady attacks people" and "Children Spirit’s," gives an impression of coherent narratives emerging from the ITC sessions.

  • Blue Room Franks Box - "Hugh" "He's On His Way" "Nigel" "Bullet"

01:30 AM: Final Briefing

  • Discussion with all 4 groups with regards to the activity felt subjectively by all and their impressions. Soldiers, Battles, Children and past reported figures by other paranormal investigation teams and staff were recorded or experienced. 

  • This was a heavy data extensive investigation, the largest conducted with such depth by us, stepping outside normal event guidelines and into a more data-gathering exercise. As such we await further data from our teams on the night. 

Overall Findings and Conclusion

  • Paranormal Activity: The investigation captured a broad spectrum of phenomena, from EVPs and ITC communications to unexplained auditory evidence like footsteps, indicating a high level of potential paranormal activity.

  • Significant Discoveries: The consistent references to historical figures and events, especially related to the Battle of Bannockburn, and the repeated identification of the name "Jim," suggest specific entities are present and attempting to communicate.

  • Areas for Further Investigation: The Blue Room, the Burnt Room, the kitchen, and areas where footsteps were heard merit further detailed exploration. The historical and personal connections, especially regarding "Jim" and the soldier references, require deeper investigation to uncover more about the spirits' identities and their stories.

Correlations and Highlights

  • References to soldiers and fighting, such as "Army," "I died in a sword fight," and historical names suggest a strong connection to Scottish history and possibly the Battle of Bannockburn.

  • The recurrence of child-related terms and female references may indicate past events linked to family and servitude at the location.

  • Dark energy or negative entities are hinted at with phrases like "The devil is real," "He’s Dangerous," and "The lady attacks people."

Methodology Note

The data from ITC devices are part of experimental techniques in paranormal investigation, aiming to detect and interpret potential spirit communications. While some responses may appear random, those aligned with the site's known history are particularly noteworthy.

Initial Conclusion

The coherence in the ITC sessions with the historical backdrop of Bannockburn House provides compelling leads for further investigation. The recurring themes of battle, historical figures, and personal names deepen the narrative of the paranormal activities reported at this site. Continued analysis and correlation with documented history will be essential in interpreting these findings.

This report will be continually updated with further evidence and analysis to support the ongoing investigation at Bannockburn House. This report is not finalised and still under analysis! 

EVP Captures...


Group 1 - Claire

Group 2 - Scott

Inclusion of Scott McCord's Findings for Bannockburn House Investigation Report

Scott McCord of Group 2 provided detailed ITC session recordings that offer compelling insights aligning with the historical context of Bannockburn House. The following is a summarised integration of his findings into the main report:

Scott McCord - Group 2 ITC Sessions

The Blue Room

Phrases like "I’ve seen you before," "Died a long time ago," and "I died right here" suggest spirits recounting past experiences, with "Butcher" and "Footsteps follow" potentially indicating historical occupations or actions. "Wyatt" and "Nelly" could be personal names significant to the property's history.

Burnt Room

Responses such as "Daddy" and "Edward" might point to family connections, while "Help us" and "I was treated bad" indicate distress. "Our Settlement" could refer to historical agreements or events related to the site.


Urgent phrases like "Run" and "The Grave" could signify past dangers or burials on the property. "We Lived Close" might suggest nearby residents or community ties.


Mentions of "Susan" and "Agatha" are in line with previous names gathered, reinforcing personal narratives. "Shadows move" and "Reflections deceive" evoke a sense of the supernatural presence.


  • Names like "Harold," "Williams," "Charles," "Agatha," and "Edward" give a personal dimension to the findings.

  • Historical references to "Army," "I died in a sword fight," and "Butcher" correlate with known Scottish history and the Battle of Bannockburn.

  • Phrases like "The Grave," "We Lived Close," and "Footsteps follow" may tie to the location's past events and community.

  • The consistent mention of the "Attic" and "Basement" as specific areas of activity aligns with reported paranormal hotspots.


These ITC findings, including coherent phrases and historical names, add substantial depth to the narrative of the paranormal activities reported at Bannockburn House. The coherence in responses, especially those fitting into the site's history, provides intriguing leads for further investigation.

This report, enriched by Scott McCord's detailed ITC session recordings, captures a broad spectrum of phenomena that are now integral to the ongoing investigation of Bannockburn House. Further analysis will continue to uncover the layers of history and spirit activity embedded within this storied location.

Group 3 - Leanne

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