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Inveraray Jail Paranormal Investigation Report

Updated: Mar 22

Inveraray Jail Paranormal Block

Inveraray Jail Paranormal Investigation Report – Haunted Scotland Investigates

This is a LIVE report and still under analysis and updates as we progress!


On the brisk evening of Saturday, 16th March 2024, our team embarked on a paranormal investigation at the historic Inveraray Jail, nestled in the heart of Western Scotland. This event, which ran from 8 pm to 1 am, provided an unparalleled opportunity to explore one of Scotland's most haunted locations. With a history that continues to whisper tales from its stone walls, Inveraray Jail was the perfect setting for our investigation, aimed at uncovering the mysteries that lie within its confines.

Historical Context:

Inveraray Jail, a living museum and former prison, offers a unique glimpse into the lives of those who were incarcerated in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Its storied past, marked by tales of justice and retribution, sets the stage for numerous accounts of paranormal activity. The Jail's atmospheric settings, from the imposing courtroom to the dimly lit cells of the Old and New Blocks, provide a rich backdrop for our investigative pursuits.

Inveraray Jail Paranormal Reports

Paranormal Activity at Inveraray Jail:

Inveraray Jail, often heralded as one of Scotland's most haunted locales, has captivated the curiosity of paranormal enthusiasts and investigators alike. Its storied past and eerie ambience have made it a focal point for those seeking to explore the supernatural. The Jail's reputation for paranormal activity is not only supported by its history but also by the experiences shared by visitors and investigators, including the renowned TV team from "Most Haunted", who spent a night delving into its mysteries.

Over the years, countless reports have emerged from visitors who've encountered unexplained phenomena within the Jail's walls. Many have spoken of a general unease, peculiar noises echoing through the corridors, and photographs revealing inexplicable figures and mists upon later examination. Such occurrences are particularly intriguing given the Jail's history as the County Court, where individuals, including children as young as seven, were incarcerated for minor infractions, enduring harsh punishments and labour.

A particular point of interest within the Jail is Cell 10, which has garnered a reputation for evoking strong emotional reactions from those who enter it. Gavin Dick, manager of Inveraray Jail, remarked on this phenomenon, noting that the cell often induces feelings rather than visual apparitions among visitors. This cell, intriguingly dubbed "Cell X" during the peak of "The X Files" popularity, remains a mysterious spot within the Jail that continues to puzzle and fascinate guests.

The kitchen area further adds to the Jail's mystical aura. While seemingly unremarkable at first glance, visitors have reported sensing a presence, as if someone is hiding behind the door. These experiences underscore the Jail's ability to evoke visceral reactions in various locations, not limited to organised ghost events.

One particularly compelling account comes from a family who visited the Jail. The mother recounted feeling an overwhelming sense of unease and physical discomfort upon entering the old jail section, describing feelings of tightness in her chest, dizziness, and the sensation of being watched. 

This distressing experience was later compounded when they discovered an image in their photos taken during the visit, revealing a misty figure between the airing cells in the courtyard. This discovery left the family with more questions than answers, pondering the nature of their encounter and what other secrets lie within the Jail's walls.

These accounts and experiences contribute to the rich picture of paranormal activity reported at Inveraray Jail. From the unnerving sensations felt in Cell 10 and the kitchen to the photographic evidence captured by visitors, the Jail remains a beacon for those drawn to the mysteries of the supernatural. As curiosity and intrigue continue to surround Inveraray Jail, it stands as a testament to Scotland's haunted heritage, inviting both sceptics and believers to explore its depths.

Inveraray Jail Paranormal Activity

Event Structure:

Our team, along with guests, was divided into three groups, each led by a seasoned investigator employing different techniques:

  • Ryan O'Neill focused on ITC Research techniques and environmental monitoring in the Court Room.

  • Lee Dunn utilised Mediumistic investigation techniques in the New Block.

  • Greg Stewart applied newer experimental techniques and methodologies in the Old Block.

Following the structured sessions, attendees had the opportunity to freely explore these areas, deepening their connection with the site's storied past.

Ryan O'Neill's Impressions:

Having investigated Inveraray Jail extensively over the years, I found this particular visit to be exceptionally active. The Court Room was alive with unexplained noises—footsteps, movements, and even a door slamming shut behind me. This was accompanied by significant environmental changes, as evidenced by our equipment readings.

Two standout occurrences were the movement at the back of the Court Room, confirmed by a sudden gust of air and our Trifield meter's significant readings at the same time as a door slammed shut on its own volition, and a surreal experience involving a whispered whistle while discussing earlier findings with Greg Stewart and Lee Dunn. These moments, captured both through personal experience and on video, marked this investigation as particularly significant.

Inveraray Jail Paranormal Court

Investigation Observations:

Our groups rotated among the designated hotspots throughout the night, conducting 45-minute sessions to maximise focus and data collection. 

This structured approach allowed for in-depth exploration and interaction with the environment, fostering an atmosphere conducive to paranormal investigation.

Lee Dunn and Greg Stewart Impressions:

Lee Dunn:

The paranormal investigation at Inveraray Jail was particularly fascinating, especially given the range of phenomena we encountered, particularly in the new block where I devoted most of my investigation time.

I sensed two or three spirits, notably a man named Teddy, who I believe was in his late 20s and likely imprisoned for assault. Teddy seemed to have a particular aversion to women. During our exploration of the top level, the exercise room, I felt as if Teddy might have exerted pressure on the chest of another male, as if someone had been pinned down by prisoners, causing a burning sensation in my chest.

Teddy - By Lee Dunn

Others present also experienced a feeling of heaviness in their chests, a sense of anxiety, and we all heard unexplained noises. Additionally, we encountered cold spots, observed shadows, and sensed movement around us. Continuing our investigation on the third floor, particularly in cell 10, we used a table and glass to encourage the spirits to show physical movement. To be honest, I have never witnessed such intense physical activity in such a short period.

So, is it very haunted? Most definitely, yes.

Guest Investigators Experiences:

The investigation attendees were not mere observers but active participants in unravelling the mysteries of Inveraray Jail. Their experiences, ranging from personal sensations to interactive sessions with our equipment, are invaluable to our understanding of the site's paranormal activity.

I heard shuffling footsteps in an apparently empty corridor just near cell 10 (which I actually felt the warmest in, weirdly, compared with the other cells). Main activity was definitely in the court room. Swirling coldness surrounding us from time to time, often coinciding with the sound of footsteps directly behind us, and the crazy moment of that happening, plus the door slamming behind you, and the trifield meter going mad, all within a short period of time

Someone grabbed my shoulder in the court room

On the top floor of the new jail, it felt like someone was squeezing me really tight round the waist, there was the sound of footsteps behind me and when I turned around there was a tall shadow figure in front of me. Terrifying but amazing at the same time as that's the first time I've ever actually seen a figure rather than just sense a presence!

Hope I can remember all of it. Very active and crazy night. Various sounds from hiccups in one hallway, also heard by Lee Dunn, smell of dirty armpits in that room with the slanted ceiling, rustling sounds like cards being shuffled in the room with the three manikins playing cards, footsteps coming up from behind as well as the extremely high trifeld meter spikes, up to 14.9 I believe was the highest. This in the courtroom. Hair being touched several times. Will send video as soon as possible.

Scott McCord - Via Email

On walk around Lee, I was sitting alone in cell 10 and heard the sound of dragging feet. When walking out of the cell I felt my hat getting tugged at. Up in the exercise room when me and Melinda were walking down the stairs we both heard a hiccup at the same time.

Bonnie Mitchell - via Email

I did not like the feeling in the older jail at all.. I felt ill and I kept smelling human toilet waste~ 

In the women's jail building in the attic I felt there was a man who did not want us there... I felt there were children peaking at us and the feeling of being in trouble... 

In the court room I felt like there was people who were of the court but as well people who would of known us individually...

The first session of group 3... 

Lee took us up in the attic- I heard knocks and creeks - I tried thinking is it the floor boards??? Heat from all of us?? But I had a feeling of being watched- there was swirls of cold air at my legs but I thought maybe normal drafts?? But from Knee high down I kept feeling I was being watched- that's why I did the two photos~ behind my shoulder and straight on after everyone was out of the attic... 

Coming down the stairs Mhari and I were last and both witnessed a light- like lantern flame coming up from the ground floor but the light stopped and no one was there...

We went down and the group started with the glass, then table and Gillian volunteered & went upstairs to the attic- they asked for someone to go up and check on her so I did~ but the feeling was gone as if the spirited people went with the group~ 

2nd session with Greg- 

It was hard to hear anything from the coulteous(spelling) box because people kept talking- there was again a knee high wind that went around our legs~ it was at child/ dog level.... There were thuds and noise from rooms~ 

When Greg blew the whistle~ I dropped my soul and had to grab it from the floor~ the atmosphere then became of grief and anger and mental problems... I honestly felt like there was someone effecting me- as if the person was passing their feelings to me... we checked our recordings and Elizabeth Douglas had what sounded like F..k sake and at the end f..k... 

Session 3

I was very impressed with the side door - there was shadow under it as if someone walking up to it and standing~ I thought someone was waiting~ very ice cold- but it's a wind tunnel up from the corridors... 

There were knocks in the top (your) right corner... I felt there were people who knew us

personally there and court people... I kept thinking who was Jim- (it was a name that came through the box) and your name was called... 

When it was time to go on our own~ it seemed quieter~ 

All three previous sessions did not use the SP app... I got it out yet it was not giving too much information... 

At some point- Elizabeth Carol and me heard a strange squeak like noise as I was walking in a corridor~ and we tried to debunk it~ but it was as if something was slid - it was not my shoes~ it was as if someone moved a chair out the way... 

Hope this helps...


Evidence Collection:

Our investigation yielded a wealth of raw and analysed data, including EVP recordings, video footage, and environmental monitoring logs. These pieces of evidence are currently under review and promise to shed light on the mysterious nature of Inveraray Jail.

Carole McOmish - ITC

Gillian Burgan - Solo Vigil Data Clip

The Whistle - End Of Video

Heather McFarlane - Table Tipping Video

Melinda Zeh - Trifield Activation


The investigation at Inveraray Jail stands as a testament to the rich paranormal mysteries woven into Scotland's historical sites. Our experiences, supported by both personal accounts and technical data, suggest an active presence within the walls of this historic Jail. As we continue to analyse the collected evidence, we remain committed to uncovering the truths that lie in the shadows, contributing to the broader understanding of paranormal phenomena.


This report, while a comprehensive account of our night at Inveraray Jail, is just the beginning of our journey into the unknown. We extend our gratitude to all participants and look forward to our next adventure into Scotland's haunted heritage.

LIVE REPORT Awaiting & Analysing Data

[Evidence Files & Analysis: Placeholder for raw and analysed evidence files]

[Team Member Impressions: Additional insights from Lee Dunn, Greg Stewart, and other team members] COMING SOON

Haunted Scotland Investigates remains dedicated to exploring the paranormal with integrity, curiosity, and a relentless pursuit of the truth.

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