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Huntly Castle

Region :Aberdeenshire Location : Details : a magnificent ruin of a castle dating from the 12th century motte to the palace block erected in the 16th and 17th centuries by the Gordon family. The architectural details and heraldic enrichments are particularly impressive. This property is managed by Historic Scotland. A full history is given on the undiscovered scotland page. Paranormal Phenomena : The most commonly known legend is that of the White Lady. One version is of a dowager Countess of Strathmore who entered into a second ill fated marriage. The account of her bitter experience impelled Thackery to write his romance Barry Lyndon. In some editions of that romance, a note by the author explains its foundation in history. The unhappy woman wrote about her wretched experience, the letter being described as the most damning indictment of a husband ever written by a wife. As well as being reported to having been seen in one of the rooms of the castle, her ghost, it is said, has been known to haunt the grounds. Long before Queen Victoria ascended the throne, many in Longforgan village expressed their confident belief in the apparition that was said to haunt the chamber in the tower of Castle Huntly and the parks. Even in the last decade of Queen Victoria?s reign many Carse folk did not care to pass the Bogle Brig at night.

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