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Haunted Castles in Scotland: An Unforgettable Journey through Scotland's Ghostly Heritage

Updated: Sep 15

Six Haunted Scottish Castles

Haunted Glamis Castle

1. Aberdour Castle | The Kingdom Of Fife

Six Haunted Scottish Castles

Nestled in the charming village of Aberdour, Fife, Aberdour Castle boasts of a rich history dating back to around 1200, making it one of the two oldest datable castles in Scotland. This venerable stronghold, largely developed by the Douglas Earls of Morton, exudes an air of spectral mystery.

The supernatural happenings at haunted Scottish castles like this are captivating. A credible account shared by a stonemason employed by Historic Scotland details an incident of paranormal disturbance. Amid the hustle and bustle of a working day, noises echoed from the locked main building, suggesting movement of furniture. Upon unlocking the building, they discovered all the furniture had been rearranged with no natural explanation. Was this the work of the spirit rumoured to roam the castle? You can read the specifics directly at THIS LINK

Six Haunted Scottish Castles

2. Blackness Castle | The Lothians

Six Haunted Scottish Castles

Situated on the tranquil Firth of Forth, Blackness Castle - a 15th-century royal residence turned prison - holds secrets of its own. Known for its historical role in the support of Mary Queen of Scots and its subsequent besiege by Cromwell, the castle carries a spectral weight.

While not highly publicised, whispers of ghostly noises and a spectral knight make the castle intriguing. In the late 1990s, a visitor reported a startling encounter with an apparition of an irate knight who chased her from the tower. An older report by Haunted Scotland can be found HERE

Six Haunted Scottish Castles

3. Glamis Castle: A Crown Jewel Among Haunted Scottish Castles.

Six Haunted Scottish Castles

Next on our tour of haunted Scottish castles is the imposing Glamis Castle...

Glamis Castle, which was the Queen Mother's childhood home and is currently inhabited by the Earl and Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne, is a prominent landmark that sits amid remnants of Pictish culture. Given its extensive history, it's not surprising that this castle is widely regarded as one of the most haunted places in Britain.

Among the many spirits reported, a Grey Lady - believed to be the spirit of Lady Janet Douglas, who was burned at the stake - haunts the family chapel and Clock Tower. Reports also mention a ghostly woman, her face mutilated, who terrifies visitors as she roams the grounds. You Can Read More HERE

Six Haunted Scottish Castles

4. Huntingtower Castle | Perthshire

Six Haunted Scottish Castles

Historically known as the "Place of Ruthven," Huntingtower Castle has played host to notable figures, including Mary Queen of Scots, Lord Darnley, and James VI. Its captivating history and corresponding ghostly allegations add a supernatural allure to this castle.

Visitors have reported sightings of a ghostly lady haunting the upper floors. This apparition is believed to be a harbinger of impending misfortune, but also a symbol of improved health and prosperity. However, her identity remains shrouded in mystery. Some accounts describe her in green, while others portray her in white.

Six Haunted Scottish Castles

5. Loch Leven Castle | Haunted Scottish Castle In Kinross

Six Haunted Scottish Castles

Loch Leven Castle, a once-royal castle from 1257, offers intriguing tales of its own. It was here that Mary Queen of Scots, taken as a prisoner in 1567, miscarried twins. Now, it's said that her ghost haunts the spot where she signed her abdication.

Despite the prolific ghostly claims involving Mary, Queen of Scots across Scotland, the history of this property and surrounding areas offer credible reasons for these spectral encounters. After all, where there is rich history, tales of ghostly sightings often follow.

Six Haunted Scottish Castles

6. Tantallon Castle | The Lothians

Six Haunted Scottish Castles

Overlooking the Firth of Forth, the semi-ruined, mid-14th-century fortress of Tantallon Castle has its share of ghostly tales. The castle, constructed by William Douglas, the 1st Earl of Douglas, is known for a particularly fascinating paranormal account.

At Tantallon in 2009, a photograph was taken that seemed to capture the top half of a man dressed in period attire standing behind the railings of an opening that used to be a doorway. The image has been examined by three photographic experts who confirmed that it was not edited, adding to the castle's eerie mystery. Visitors have also reported a strange feeling in the pit-prison and hearing the singing of a boy, which contributes to Tantallon's reputation as one of Scotland's most enigmatic castles.

Six Haunted Scottish Castles

Each of these castles holds its own set of spectral mysteries and offers a unique encounter with the supernatural. While exploring the fascinating history and scenic beauty of Scotland, who knows? You might just have your own ghostly encounter to add to the growing list of eerie experiences.

One cannot help but feel a sense of reverence when walking the halls of Aberdour Castle, pondering the spectral disturbance witnessed by the stonemason. In Blackness Castle, the echo of the irate knight might just send a chill down your spine as you ascend the tower.

The unsettling beauty of Glamis Castle could leave you spellbound, while the spectral lady's presence in Huntingtower Castle may add a note of thrilling anticipation to your visit. Loch Leven Castle, with its sorrowful tale of Mary Queen of Scots, could make you feel a spectral chill despite the warm sun, and the photographic evidence of a ghostly figure in Tantallon Castle may just have you second-guessing the shadows in your peripheral vision.

As you journey through these castles, you're not just a tourist, but an adventurer on a quest to unravel the mysteries of Scotland's spectral heritage. Each creak, each whisper of wind, might just be a spectral resident of these ancient castles reaching out from the annals of history. So pack your bags, charge your camera, and prepare your nerves for a unique exploration of Scotland's haunted castles. After all, these spectral stories are waiting to be discovered, experienced, and told. And remember, when you walk the halls of these magnificent structures, you're never truly alone...

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