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Exploring the Mysteries of Mary Kings Close: A Haunting Journey through Edinburgh's Hidden Underg...

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Mary Kings Close

Unveiling the Secrets of Mary Kings Close

Discover the hidden depths of Scotland's capital city, where beneath the bustling streets of the old Royal Mile lies a dark and intriguing secret that dates back to the 17th century. Once known as King's Close or Alexander King's Close, this bustling street became notorious for its haunting tales and paranormal activity. Welcome to Mary King's Close, located in the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town, a place filled with chilling experiences, captivating stories, and enigmatic research data that would leave even the most sceptical observers in awe.

From Vibrant Close to Underground Enigma

Originally named after the prominent members of society, Edinburgh's closes or wynds were a reflection of the city's social fabric. Among them, Mary Kings Close held a special place, named after the prominent businesswoman Mary King, who flourished in the 1630s. As a fabric trader and mother of four, Mary King established her reputation within the old town of Edinburgh, leaving a lasting legacy. However, the close met a fate of partial demolition and burial during the construction of the Royal Exchange in the 18th century. What remains today are the fascinating foundations, a labyrinth of houses, workspaces, and animal sheds, offering a glimpse into the past. While many visitors explore this time-capsule-like underground for its historical significance, a significant number also come in search of the spirits said to reside here.

Mary Kings Close

Unearthing Paranormal Activity

Renowned among paranormal investigators, researchers, and those who delve into Scotland's mysteries, Mary Kings Close is famed for its peculiar and inexplicable activity that defies the boundaries of reality. Countless inquisitive minds, including academics, have attempted to unravel the mysteries of this underground maze, yet none have provided a satisfactory explanation. Open-minded sceptics who have dedicated countless hours to investigating the ghostly occurrences in Mary King's Close have left with more questions than answers. The location is steeped in mysteries, myths, and folklore, and it comes as no surprise that reported sightings of spirits and ghosts are prevalent. But is Mary King's Close truly haunted?

Mary KIngs Close

Unveiling Personal Experiences From Mary Kings Close

Having had extensive access to Mary King's Close between 2005 and 2008, with subsequent revisits for various events, I had the opportunity to conduct in-depth research, personally test claims, and form an informed conclusion about the eerie occurrences underground. The Real Mary King's Close is often regarded as Scotland's most haunted location, with historical sightings dating back to the late 17th century involving the Coltheart family, who experienced apparitions and unknown energies. Other reported encounters include a woman dressed in black believed to be Mary King herself, a worried-looking man, the infamous little girl named Annie who communicated with a renowned Japanese psychic, sounds of a bustling tavern, scratching from inside a chimney where a child sweep is said to have met a tragic fate, and various unexplained phenomena like stones being thrown, footsteps echoing through the chambers, and eerie voices captured on audio recordings.

Mary Kings

The Verdict: A Haunting Reality

Through intense Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and Echovox studies conducted over the past two decades, particularly in Mr. Chesney's house at the bottom of Mary King's Close, intriguing and often inexplicable results have been obtained. Personally witnessing alarms triggered by unseen forces, footsteps on wooden floors corroborated by a team of five researchers, and a woman's voice audibly calling out "Hello" during a locked-down session, I can attest to the presence of unexplained phenomena. Cold spots, shadow figures, unexplained bumps, and knocks have become commonplace during these late-night investigations. The accumulation of data, personal experiences, and the profound impact this site has had on me and my close colleagues leads me to confidently assert that Mary King's Close is overwhelmingly haunted. While some have attempted to debunk the activity through theories of infrasound or hallucinations, their explanations fail to hold up in the face of firsthand experiences in the depths of Mary King's Close. Academic rhetoric from a distance cannot come close to explaining the paranormal occurrences, especially when those offering explanations have never set foot in the location.

we have collected suggests the presence of non-physical activity permeating this underground historical attraction. Temperature drops, movements in locked-off rooms, and the capture of unexplained voices on our audio devices serve as compelling evidence. Backed by the accounts of past tourists, staff members, researchers, and tenants, our technology bolsters the stories of supernatural encounters. The only question that remains unanswered is why these spirits linger in an earthly realm. So, the next time you find yourself in Edinburgh's old town, take a moment to contemplate the deep, dark warren of rooms beneath your feet. Consider embarking on a journey into the depths of Mary King's Close and share with us the mysteries you uncover. For an unforgettable experience, concentrate your exploration on Cheney's House and the lower sections of the close. Prepare to be captivated by the enigmatic energy that awaits you in this historic underground labyrinth.

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