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Craignethan Castle

Region :Lanarkshire Location : Draffan Details : On an easily defensible position on a promontory overlooking the River Nethan. A Detailed description can be found at the undiscovered scotland. website Paranormal Phenomena : Mary Queen of Scots is said to have spent the night there before the Battle of Langside and the castle is said to be haunted by her (minus her head, which was removed at her execution!). Other apparitions have been seen in the courtyard of the castle, visitors have allegedly followed a a figure dressed in historical costume, thinking it was leading the way to a pageant - only to find the figure vanish. A recent report from a member of Scottish Paranormal occurred on Sunday the 29th of May 2005, involving 4 people and the family dog, about 1 p.m. Craignethan Castle lets you take your dog in with you as long as its on a leash.

We went right through the castle, up and down the spiral staircases. There are two seperate underground rooms to access, the one on the left is the kitchen and the right one is the basement. We went into both with the dog, he was fine in the kitchens but was very anxious in the basement area.He is very protective over me in general but on that particular day he never left my partner's side for a minute. I tried holding him in the main hall while vince went up to the musicains gallery but he howled the place down, so to stop us being thrown out i had to take him up. He has never done that before.
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