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Castle Levan

Region : Renfrewshire Location : Stirling Drive, Gourock. Details : The Castle has its origins in the late 14th century but was subject to an exhaustive restoration project through the 1980s. It still possesses the hallmarks of a 14th century castle, including turnpike staircases, parapet walkways, turret, crow step gable and gun loops. For further details see castle levan history page. Paranormal Phenomena : Alleged to be haunted by a former keeper of Castle Levan, one Lady Marion Montgomery who was convicted and sentenced to death by Mary of Guise for torturing and murdering her tenants. This sentence was later commuted to house arrest - but as a twist, on her husband's return from military service, he was so appalled to hear of his wife's behaviour that he imprisoned and starved her to death. The sightings of the white lady are alleged to have started in the 17th Century, when the castle came into the hands of the Semple-Stewarts of the neighbouring Ardgowan estate. The current website states "Castle Levan is reputed to have a ghost - not that we've ever seen her! "

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