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Blackness Castle: Is Blackness Castle Haunted

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

 Is Blackness Castle Haunted

The Eerie Tales of Haunted Blackness Castle

Once described by historian Richard Jones, a regular on 'Most Haunted', as the most petrifying paranormal site he had ever visited, stating "It terrified me!" Haunted Blackness Castle on the Firth of Forth was an absolute must-visit for our dedicated followers at Haunted Scotland Investigates.

A Peep into the Castle's Historical Past

Constructed in the 15th century by the Crichtons, the castle was annexed by James II and became a royal residence. The Haunted Blackness Castle was more than just a royal abode; it played a significant role in history as a prison for high-ranking individuals. The castle was transformed into a formidable stronghold with fortified walls and defensive guns. The garrison held it in support of Mary Queen of Scots for six years. In 1650, it was besieged by Cromwell who left the castle in ruins. However, it was restored during the Napoleonic wars when it once again served as a prison.

Is Haunted Blackness Castle Truly Haunted?

On this surprisingly warm yet blustery day in Scotland, we journeyed South-West to the strategically positioned Blackness Castle. Our mission? To uncover the truth behind the mysterious tales associated with the castle. Whilst not overly publicised, there have been reports of unexplained noises and the apparition of an irate knight at this Castle. One tale from the late '90s recounts a woman and her two young sons visiting when she was startled by the sudden appearance of a knight in armour who, she claimed, chased her angrily from the tower. On one Halloween night, a group of ghost enthusiasts persuaded the custodian to allow them to stay overnight. They were disturbed by the constant noise of furniture being scraped and banged across the stone floor beneath them. Nothing was discovered out of place upon investigation. However, the noises recommenced the moment they returned to their companions.

Haunted or Not - An Atmospheric Location

Regardless of the truth behind these accounts, it is undeniable that the Haunted Blackness Castle is an atmospheric location. Its labyrinth of rooms, hidden nooks, and crannies provide an eerie yet fascinating exploration experience. Whilst I did not witness anything I could directly attribute to the paranormal, the noises - possibly the result of the blustery winds blowing along the estuary and bombarding the tower walls - provided a spine-chilling atmosphere. Particularly in the stairwell of the mast tower prison, where strange banging, creaking, and groaning were heard. Though further investigation during my January 2014 visit pointed to the windows as the likely cause. Our audio recordings from this area, currently under analysis, have already revealed a few intriguing points. More will be revealed on this soon!

A Captivating Visit to Haunted Blackness Castle

All in all, I must say that my visits to the Haunted Blackness Castle were thoroughly enjoyable. The curator was exceedingly helpful, taking his time to brief us on the castle's history. With its beautiful scenery, historical intrigue, and a sense of standing within ancient walls, this magnificent stronghold is a must-visit. Its spectral secrets remain for now. However, on my next visit, I might just probe a little bit deeper. Only time will tell. Please enjoy the material gathered from both 2013 & 2014 visits to Haunted Blackness Castle. And remember, for more such exciting explorations, follow our page at

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