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Bannockburn House Event DR60 EVPs | Feb 23rd 2024

Bannockburn House

On Friday 23rd February 2024 we conducted an audience based event with a difference Bannockburn House. All guests who made up the audience were seated in an area with many reports of paranormal activity within this historic house.

A number of guests were chosen entirely at random to be led to one of 4 remote areas, each with their own unique reports. They were given the opportunity to take one item of paranormal research equipment with you (we explained how each item works) to use during the solo sessions.

Bannockburn House Ghosts

Each of the solo vigils was broadcasted directly back to the base room where the remaining audience watched live as things happen. In addition, environmental detection equipment was placed around the base room to alert us immediately to any changes which may indicate paranormal activity beginning to occur around the audience.

We also conducted DR60 Audio sessions with a unique twist, asking questions for in room answer and also remote feedback. The following are the recordings gathered. The title of each track has the potential words captured.

Want to join in or attend these types of events and sessions? Remember to follow and like our Haunted Scotland Page on Facebook.

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