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Free Membership

You can register for a FREE member account on this website. This will provide you with a dashboard where you can manage your account and attend one of our public events. It may take several minutes to create your account. You will receive an email confirmation with a security code to validate your email address. Please also check your junk/spam folder. 

We also provide a Premium Membership subscription, which provides you with access to exclusive benefits. You must have an active member account on this website before you can subscribe to a premium plan.

What's included?

Free Membership will provide you with:

  • Your own personal member dashboard 

  • Subscription to special offers

  • Access to exclusive content in our research archives

  • Book events and join paranormal investigations

In addition, Premium Membership will provide the following:

  • Access to our Facebook Premium Member Community

  • Premium Member rewards and perks

  • Early access to event tickets

  • Exclusive access to Premium Member events

  • Exclusive content

  • Access to learning and development courses

  • 10% discount on events

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