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Fri, 23 Feb



Unveiling the Veil Paranormal Experience

Get ready for an intense journey into the supernatural world that will put your courage to the test. Join us for an unforgettable event where we'll explore the mysterious and haunted depths of a location. Brace yourself for a night full of genuine paranormal experiences, solo vigils, haunted session

Unveiling the Veil Paranormal Experience
Unveiling the Veil Paranormal Experience

Time & Location

23 Feb 2024, 21:00 – 24 Feb 2024, 00:00

Stirling, Bannockburn House, Stirling FK7 8EY, UK

About The Event

This is an audience based event with a difference. All guests who will make up the audience will be seated in an area with many reports of paranormal activity within this historic house. A number of guests will be chosen entirely at random to be led to one of 4 remote areas, each with their own unique reports. You will be given the opportunity to take one item of paranormal research equipment with you (we will explain how each item works) to use during your solo sessions. A 5th member of the audience will be chosen to participate in a sensory deprivation experiment which is believed to allow spirits to talk directly to you. 

Each of the solo vigils will be broadcast directly back to the base room where the remaining audience will be able to watch live as things happen. In addition, environmental detection equipment will be placed around the base room to alert us immediately to any changes which may indicate paranormal activity beginning to occur around the audience. 

Event Highlights:

Solo Vigils: Are you ready to explore the unknown on your own? Enter the darkness and embrace the eerie silence as you make your way through the haunted corridors to reach your destination. Stay alert for any presence of spirits around you and test your nerves to uncover potential awe-inspiring coherent evidence. (While We Watch LIVE From Our Haunted Hotspot)

Our system will choose a participant for the solo vigil. You may choose one piece of equipment to bring with you from our table, such as a torch, environmental data device, or scanning ITC device. ONE ONLY so please choose carefully.

Haunted Sessions: Join REAL EXPERIENCED paranormal investigators as they guide you through thrilling sessions exploring the unexplained phenomena within a haunted location. Equipped with advanced technology, you can witness firsthand the eerie occurrences that take place. You may even capture EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and strange visual evidence that will leave you amazed.

Challenge Observations: While immersing yourself in the supernatural, you'll also have the unique opportunity to witness others face their fears. Observe fellow attendees as they venture into the unknown, battling their anxieties, and conquering their darkest nightmares. Be there to support them or to marvel at their bravery.

In addition to observing other participants, we will be conducting a unique double ESTES Sensory deprivation session in a haunted location. Equipped with specialized environmental interaction tools, this will be an exciting and continuous experience.

Real and Raw Experience: This event is not for the faint of heart as it involves a genuine opportunity to encounter the paranormal. Our team of experts specialized in conducting such sessions guarantees that all encounters and investigations are authentic, with no scripted or staged occurrences. This is a unique opportunity for you to truly connect with the otherworldly, providing an unforgettable experience.

Immersive Environment: We believe that the setting is key. The haunted location chosen for this event has a long and storied history, filled with tales of tragedy and ghostly apparitions. As you explore its hallowed grounds, feel the weight of its past and witness the energies that still linger within its walls.

Please note that not all audience members will be selected to participate in the solo vigils. Those who do participate will be chosen at random. Solo vigils will last around 20 minutes during which the selected guest will be alone in an area of the property with a strong background of reported paranormal activity. There will be a team member accompanying each guest to their solo vigils and who will be waiting directly outside the area to provide assistance if requested. 

Guests who do not wish to participate in the solo vigils or ESTES experiment but would like to watch others taking part are welcome, we would ask that you let us know upon arrival so we can ensure you are not in the random selector.  

All bookings are subject to our terms and conditions which can be read HERE

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